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New York State Vaccine Booster Mandate Update

As publicly announced, the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) has modified the Public Health Law on the Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission by Covered Entities to require that “Covered entities shall continuously require personnel to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and to have received any booster or supplemental dose as recommended by the CDC.” The order broadly defines “covered personnel” as “all persons employed or affiliated with a covered entity, whether paid or unpaid, including but not limited to employees, members of the medical and nursing staff, contract staff, students, and volunteers, who engage in activities such that if they were infected with COVID-19, they could potentially expose other covered personnel, patients, or residents to the disease.” 


This mandate applies to all Downstate Health Sciences University employees, students, trainees, clinical faculty and clinical staff, volunteers, and all other people who physically work on campus and who may come in contact with hospital employees or patients.


Those who, based on CDC guidelines, are currently eligible to obtain the booster must do so by Monday, February 21. Please keep in mind when scheduling the booster that February 21 is a legal holiday, but you can upload your proof at any time. Those not yet eligible to receive the booster, must obtain the booster within 30 days of their eligibility.  (See below.) This mandate excludes only those employees who have already been granted an exemption as defined by the NYS Department of Health.  If you wish to apply for a medical exemption please email  If you wish to apply for a religious exemption, please email Your application for exemption must be received before February 21.


Booster Eligibility

To check when you are eligible for a vaccine booster, see this chart.

As defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you are eligible for the booster:

  • If you have received your second dose of the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine at least five months ago.
  • If you have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two months ago.
  • If you have received all doses of a WHO-approved vaccine at least five months ago.
  • If after you are fully vaccinated as above and have had a recent COVID positive test, you should contact Student/Employee Health (phone: 718-270-1995) to clarify when you are eligible for your booster.


Booster Status Reporting

If your booster eligibility date was ON OR BEFORE January 21, you are required to obtain the booster vaccine and submit evidence of such on or before Monday, February 21, either by uploading your information here or going in person to Student/Employee Health. Here is a tutorial video on how to upload your file(s).

Acceptable proof includes a copy of the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, the pharmacy or medical record, or a printout from an Excelsior Pass Plus that includes the date and type of vaccination.

Thank you for your cooperation to ensure everyone’s safety during this time.