Web Development

We provide design services for Downstate departments who want to create departmental websites to be placed on the Downstate Web server.

Our Services

  • Web master for Downstate Health Sciences University
  • Consult and develop W3C compliant web pages that serve the client as well as the user
  • Digitize photographs, video and audio for web documents
  • Distribute content management solution to clients


One of the most active and easily available ways to send information out into the world is the internet. To that end, New Media Services works tirelessly to mold, edit and strengthen the message you want to tell the world. Using smart design and an awareness of current trends in user experience and interface design, we work with clients to customize websites for both education and healthcare.


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Omni CMS

The New Media Services Department uses a content management system (CMS) called Omni CMS to create, edit, and manage webpages for SUNY Downstate. Since all of these webpage chores can be done using a web browser, Omni CMS is very easy to use, from anywhere. As long as there is an internet connection, pages can be updated at anytime, without needing to know any code.

Web pages are created with official Downstate templates, letting you edit and change text, photos, and links while insuring that your site is in compliance with the Office of Communications & Marketing website guidelines.

Omni CMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product: Modern Campus hosts the Omni CMS application and Downstate hosts the web servers. When you create and save a page in Omni CMS, that work is done on the Modern Campus staging server. When you publish your page, an html version is sent to the production server, making it live for the world to see.


For help with any problems you may have in Omni CMS, contact us or visit Omni CMS Support