Nooruddin Tejani, MD FAAP

Nooruddin Tejani, MD FAAP

Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director Pediatric Emergency Medicine University Hospital of Brooklyn

Medical School:

Rawalpindi Medical School, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Graduation Date:


Residency Training:

University of Texas, Medical branch in Galveston, Tx


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Areas of Professional Interest:

Pediatric pain management, Resident and Nursing education, Moderate sedation, Acute Phase Reactants and Infection

Outside Interests:

Community service, love playing ping pong and video games with my children and enjoy gardening and bicycling with my wife

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  • 1. N. Tejani et al: C-reactive Proteins in Acute Otitis Media. Pediatrics. May 1995:664-69
  • 2. Interleukin-8 and Occult Bacteremia; abstract submitted to Ambulatory Pediatric Association Meeting, January 1996
  • 3. Calcium Channel Antagonist; Tejani and Silverberg: 2000. Online Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.
  • 4. Pediatrics: Febrile seizures; March 2006. Online textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • 5. Staffing Recommendations for Pediatrics during a Disaster: Hospital guidelines for Pediatrics in Disaster. First Edition, Second Edition and Third edition (to be published) 2005-2007

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