Prakash C. Shetty, MD, FACEP

Prakash C Shetty, MD, FACEP

Emergency Medicine Attending Physician, Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine, KCHC

Medical School:

JJM Medical College University of Mysore, India

Graduation Date:


Residency Training:

Grandfathered in Emergency Medicine Thru "Practice Pathway" 1989

Areas of Professional Interest:

Sports Medicine, Primary Care, and Ambulatory Emergency Medicine/Fast Track

Outside Interests:

Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Meditation, Yoga

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  • Finger Tip injuries, immediate Repair Vs. Delayed healing, American Journal of Emergency Medicine 01/96
  • Transfers Bayonet Dislocation of DIP, Journal of Emergency Medicine, A case Report, 04/97
  • Emergency Department Repair of hand Lacerations Using Absorbable Vicryl Sutures, Journal of Emergency Medicine 10/97
  • Vicryl Closure of Traumatic Facial Lacerations using Subcut-technique in Emergency Department (Under Review)
  • Wedge Repair of Traumatic Earlobe lacerations in Emergency Department, under review

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