Psychological Counseling and Psychiatric Care

Some concerns are best addressed through a referral to an outside facility. Some examples of these are long term psychotherapy, psychiatric follow-up with medication, and marital and couples therapy (if one of the spouses is not a student).

Students in need of psychiatric care may contact the Director of the Student Counseling Service, who will assist in selecting a psychiatrist and arranging for a suitable referral. Downstate Student Counseling triages to both in-house psychiatric care as well as local referrals in Crown Heights as well as throughout Brooklyn.

A network of qualified psychotherapists, who offer their services at moderate fees, is available to those students in need of intensive psychotherapy or special services. The cost of this therapy and of extended psychiatric care is not covered by the Student Health Service. For advice or care with a substance abuse problem, the Director of the Student Counseling Service may also be contacted. A referral service of approved substance abuse programs is available to those students in need of help with these concerns. Information brochures are available in the Student Health Service waiting room.

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