College of Medicine Grading System

As of the Class of 2017

Foundation Years 1 and 2 courses are graded Pass/Fail only. Domains of Competence to be demonstrated within each Unit.

  1. Systems Based Practice
  2. Medical Professionalism
  3. Interpersonal & Communications
  4. Practice-Based Learning & Improvement
  5. Patient Care
  6. Medical Knowledge

New Grades for Foundations Years

ID Identified Deficiency
ID* Identified Deficiency Pass following remediation
F Identified Deficiency Fail following remediation

Gateway Grades

P Pass
F Fail

Grading Systems as of July 1, 1995

H Honors F Fail WP Withdrawal/Passing EP Elective Course Pass
HP High Pass I Incomplete WF Withdrawal/Failing IP In Progress
P Pass CR Credit EF Elective Course Fail Y Year-long Course
C Conditional W Withdrawal EH Elective Course Honors Z Research Year

Explanation of Grades

Honors Outstanding work in the subject area, far exceeding requirements of the course
High Pass Above average work in the subject area which exceeds the requirements of the course.
Pass Successful completion of all requirements of the course.
Conditional Borderline failure, requiring remedial work for part of the course. (i.e. written exam)
Fail Failure to successfully complete the requirements for a major part of the course.
Incomplete A portion of the requirements of the course have not been attempted, usually for reasons beyond the control of the student. (i.e. illness)
Credit The transcript notation when a student has advanced standing for a course previously completed.
Withdrawal Student withdraws from a course prior to 25% of the completion of the course.
Withdrawal Passing Student withdraws from a course at a passing level after 25% completion but prior to 75% of the completion of the course.
Withdrawal Failing Student withdraws from a course at a failing level after 25% completion but prior to 75% of the completion of the course. WF is considered an academic deficiency.
EF, EH, EP Electives during the pre-clinical years are taken for no credit. In the grades Elective Fail, Elective Honors and Elective Pass, the "E" signifies a non-credit elective. The definitions of the second letter of the grade are reflected above.
In Progress Course is still in progress.
Year-long Course Will be listed as the grade for the first semester for a year-long course.
Research Year Research in Maintenance Matriculation.

Grading System prior to July 1, 1995

H Honors U Unsatisfactory EF Elective Course Fail
HP High Pass (effective Fall 1989) I Incomplete EH Elective Course Honor
P Pass E Exemption EP Elective Course Pass
S Satisfactory (phased out in 1989)        

A recorded grade which has a slash (/) with a new grade after it indicates a change of grade. The last grade is considered the FINAL grade.

A passing USMLE Step 1 score is required for promotion into the third year. Core Year (MS3) electives are offered Pass/Fail.

A passing USMLE Step 2 CK and CS score is required for graduation.

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