Seth Langley, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice-President, Academic Affairs
Executive Director, Academic Services,
College of Health-Related Professions, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Graduate Studies and School of Public Health

Image of Seth Langley

Dr. Seth Langley is the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Executive Director for the Office of Academic Services for all schools and colleges at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, including, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Graduate Studies, School of Health Professions and the School of Public Health where he provides psycho-educational counseling to students regarding metacognitive academic skills enhancement.

Dr. Langley served as Assistant Director and Director in the former Office of Academic Development at SUNY Downstate for 12 years. His teaching experiences of more than 18 years at the university level have ranged from undergraduate principles of psychology courses, to graduate educational psychology, nursing, and mental health counseling courses. He is currently involved in the collection of data researching the effects of self-regulation and self-efficacy on the academic achievement motivation of medical students, and was awarded the Outstanding Research Award by the New York College Learning Skills Association for his published work.

Dr. Langley earned his PhD and MA degrees in Educational Psychology with a specialty in learning and cognition from the University of Minnesota and his BS degree in Psychology from Howard University.

Dr. Langley discusses Academic Support & Advisement

Dr. Langley discusses Emotional Intelligence


Susan Kane, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Academic Services
College of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Health Professions and School of Public Health

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Dr. Susan Kane is an Assistant Director for the Office of Academic Services at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. She is an educator who has spent over 20 years in medical and healthcare education. She has worked with faculty, staff, and students developing executing curricula to ensure success at all levels of implementation. Much of her curricular work has been with programs designed to provide early clinical experiences for first and second-year medical students. She has found that, in the foundational years, clinical experiences help reinforce learning in the basic sciences.

Dr. Kane has proven to be particularly effective in the establishment and development of newly established programs in the medical school environment. She has been successful in the promotion and administration of these programs to faculty and students, and has often been asked to assist in the formation of innovative programs and procedures.

Dr. Kane earned her PhD degree in Educational Psychology from the Graduate Center, City University of New York, MPH degree from Columbia University, MEd degree from Lehigh University, and BS degree in Social Work from Juniata College. She has a strong interest in how adults learn, and is particularly concerned with the effects of stress, time constraints, the imposter syndrome, implicit bias, and other issues that may affect learning in medical school settings.


Sze-Ying Lee

Office Coordinator

Image of Sze-Ying Lee

Mrs. Sze-Ying Lee is the Office Coordinator for the Office of Academic Services at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University.

Mrs. Lee has worked at SUNY Downstate since 2001. Throughout her years at Downstate, she has enjoyed working with students and faculty, and has established excellent working relationships with administrators and staff in multiple departments. Mrs. Lee has previously worked as the Administrative Coordinator for the SUNY Downstate College of Health Related Professions, College of Nursing, and the School of Public Health. She has also worked as a Translation Language Coordinator, and is certified as a medical translator in Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish. In that capacity, Mrs. Lee has worked with many physicians, medical students and patients within the SUNY Downstate community and looks forward to serving Downstate for years to come.

Mrs. Lee earned her BA degree in Political Science from Baruch College.