Department of Community Health Sciences (CHSC)


The Department of Community Health Sciences is committed to educating and training public health practitioners in the health of urban and immigrant communities around the world. We accomplish this through state-of-the-field graduate curricula, distinguished by several unique features.

Unique Features of CHSC

In the Field

All of our MPH and DrPH core courses include time spent in communities: contributing to, observing and learning about the health of local neighborhoods.

Global Emphasis

When we study immigrant communities we simultaneously study the countries of origin for those immigrants. In a CHSC course you will find assigned readings focusing on urban communities around the world.

Community Research with Faculty

Graduate students have the opportunity to work with CHSC faculty on innovative research studies serving the health goals of local communities as well as those across the country and in other parts of the world.

Here in Brooklyn, we collaborate with community-based organizations, such as the Arthur Ashe Institute and CAMBA, in developing and evaluating interventions for pressing health issues.

The community interventions we research cover a wide range of channels, from in-person outreach in barber shops, beauty salons and restaurants to supportive outreach through cellphone counseling.

We actively engage with communities through all aspects of our work: coursework, service and research.

Our CHSC faculty particularly enjoy spending time with their students and are happy to meet with prospective students to discuss our program.

Please feel free to contact Denise Bruno, Interim Chair and Associate Professor, at to set up a time to talk or meet in-person.

Faculty Profiles

Hot Off The Press: New Publications from CHSC


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