Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy

*Now accepting applications for a Fall 2024 start*

Why get your post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy at SUNY Downstate? 

Demonstrate to current clients and employers your advanced expertise in occupational therapy. Learn about the latest practices, dive deep into an area of special interest, strengthen your professional network, and refine your analytical and leadership skills.

Downstate’s program allows you to apply your learning immediately while in your current position. Its flexible and thoughtful design is tailored to meet the needs of working professionals. Esteemed faculty will support your professional development as you learn ways to work collaboratively to promote health and participation among clients, families, and vulnerable populations. As you learn new strategies and techniques through engaging coursework and a relevant capstone project, you will enhance client outcomes and your professional standing.  

After graduation, choose to stay in your current position to affect positive change or obtain a new role you are well-prepared for. You can also explore other professional opportunities such as teaching in an OT degree program; publishing knowledge for academics, practitioners; and clients; and growing your impact in an emerging practice. 


What You Will Learn 

Core courses establish the foundation for advanced-level practice by developing skills needed to critically appraise practice evidence; leading and managing interprofessional teams; and understanding educational and healthcare systems to advocate for health equity and cultural humility. 

Capstone courses set the stage for students to address a problem of practice while receiving mentorship and guidance from faculty. Students will enhance their inquiry and scholarly abilities and complete a performance improvement project or research project.

Elective courses offer an opportunity to choose one of two specialty tracks: Occupational Therapy for Children and Families or Occupational Therapy for Adults with Disability or Chronic Diseases. Here, students will expand upon entry-level knowledge by combining their practice experience with study of innovative and evidenced-based assessments and interventions aimed to promote participation in meaningful occupations.

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Post Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate

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