Here is a list of alumni who are serving as class representatives:

  • 1974 Suzanne White
  • 1975 Margaret Kaplan
  • 1984 Debbie Schwartz
  • 1985 Catherine Bedecked Varunok
  • 1992 Mary Shea
  • 1996 Judy Spence
  • 2000 Marsha Eiserman and Jennifer Richman
  • 2001 Christine Kiefer
  • 2003 Erika Levine Irogoyen
  • 2005 Leah Rosenblum Rubino
  • 2006 Zahava Friedman
  • 2007 Gitty Rosenberg
  • 2008 Sarah Keschner Mechlin & Julie Lee Mui
  • 2010 Erick Leon
  • 2013 Alanna McLaughlin
  • 2014 Esther Arden and Shantae Rhone
  • 2015 Samantha Agnese
  • 2017 Shaina Rivkin-Drizin

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Alumni News

  • Alumni working in any OT practice areas interested in fieldwork supervision, please contact us. We are always looking for OT's in to be Level 1 Fieldwork Supervisors especially in EI. If you are interested, please contact Jasmin Thomas, our Academic Fieldwork Coordinator at
  • There are many Downstate OT alumni activities. Alumni: please share your photos and summaries with the faculty and staff.
  • We maintain ongoing e-mail contact with all SUNY Downstate OT Alumni. If you are not receiving ongoing updates about the program and job announcements, please contact the OT Program office   In addition, if your contact information changes, please send an update.
  • Quarterly we send SUNY Downstate OT SpOTlight Newsletter to share OT Program updates with Alumni and collegues. 
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