References & Resources

Some Recommended Pediatric References (revised June 2008)

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics
Author: Kliegman, R; ISBN: 1416024506;
Publisher: SAUNDERS, W. B.; Published: 2007; Edition: 18;
Media: Hard cover book; Also available electronically
This is the gold standard textbook of pediatrics, but it is not easy reading and often not clinically oriented.

Rudolphs Pediatrics
Author: Rudolph, C; ISBN: 0838582850;
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; Published: 2002; Edition: 21;
Media: Hard cover book;
This has been an alternative to Nelson's for many years. It has good and detailed coverage with a better clinical orientation and much easier to read.

Oskis Pediatrics: Principles and Practice
Author: McMillan, J; ISBN: 0781738946;
Publisher: LIPPINCOTT; Published: 2006; Edition: 04;
Media: Hard cover book;
Relatively new as textbooks go, this one tries to accomplish a lot of different things, but gets none done really well. If you only got one book, this might be okay, but you are better off with separate books for reference info., atlas, diagnostic info. and therapeutics.

Saunders Manual of Pediatric Practice
Author: Finberg, L; ISBN: 0721692427;
Publisher: SAUNDERS, W. B.; Published: 2002; Edition: 02;
Media: Hard cover book;
Highly clinically relevant with easily accessed information for immediate application to care.

Water and Electrolytes in Pediatrics: Physiology, Pathology, and Treatment
Author: Finberg, L; ISBN: 0721634680; Publisher: SAUNDERS, WB, Published: 1993; Edition: 02
Media: Hard cover book;
If you can still get it: highly detailed, physiologic approach to peds. fluid electrolyte physiology, pathophysiology, management.

Red Book: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases
Author: AAP; ISBN: 1581101945;
Publisher: AM ACAD PEDIAT; Published: 2006; Edition: 27;
Media: Paperback book;
Free with AAP membership. An essential brief reference to everything ID.

Smiths Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformations
Author: Jones, K; ISBN: 0721606156;
Publisher: SAUNDERS, W. B.; Published: 2005; Edition: 06;
Media: Hard cover book;
Gold standard reference on congenital anomalies and syndromes

Smiths Recognizable Patterns of Human Deformation
Author: Graham; ISBN: 0721614892;
Publisher: SAUNDERS, W. B.; Published: 2007; Edition: 03;
Media: Hard cover book;
An interesting adjunct to the preceding bible of human abnormalities and syndromes addressing mechanically caused defects.

Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests
Author: Wallach, J; ISBN: 0781730554;
Publisher: Lippincott William; Published: 2006; Edition: 08;
Media: Paperback book;
Although the pediatric version has been out of print since 1983, there is plenty of pediatrics relevant information. An excellent resource for figuring out the reason for abnormal lab tests.

Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis
Author: Zitelli, B; ISBN: 0323048781;
Publisher: Mosby; Published: 2007; Edition: 05;
Media: Hard cover book with online access
Simply an absolutely excellent reference and a must have resource especially if you have a visual memory.

5 Minute Pediatric Consult Package. Includes Text and CD-ROM
Author: Schwartz, MW ; ISBN: 0781775779;
Publisher: Lippincott Williams; Published: 2008; Edition: 05;
Media: Text with included CD-ROM and online access;
Many residents find this to be a most handy reference especially when on call and especially in PDA media.

Manual of Pediatric Therapeutics
Author: Graef, J; ISBN: 0781771668;
Publisher: Lippincott Williams; Published: 2007; Edition: 07;
Media: Quick reference paperback;
New edition will be available in October 2006.
A useful and easy to carry spiral handbook.

Manual of Neonatal Care
Author: Cloherty, J; ISBN: 0316147656;
Publisher: Lippincott Williams; Published: 2007; Edition: 06;
Media: Spiral bound quick reference paperback book;

Atlas of Pediatric Clinical Diagnosis
Author: Shah, B; ISBN: 0721676391;
Publisher: SAUNDERS, W. B.; Published: 2000; Edition: 01;
Media: Hard cover book;
Emphasizes clinical and visual diagnosis with quick reference on management approach

Harriet Lane Handbook: A Manual for Pediatric House Officers
Author: Gunn, V; ISBN: 0323014860;
Publisher: Mosby-Yearbook, In; Published: 2005; Edition: 17;
Media:Paperback book;
A must have which should be present in every pediatric resident's pocket. Usually distributed free by Mead-Johnson Nutritionals.

Guidelines for Health Supervision III
Author: AAP; ISBN: 0910761833;
Publisher: AM ACAD PEDIAT; Published: 2002; Edition: 03;
Media:Paperback book;
Free with AAP membership. Also distributed free to all new residents. Especially handy for continuity clinic.

Pediatric Diagnosis: Intrepretation of Symptoms and Signs in Children and Adolescent
Author: GREEN, M; ISBN: 0721672841;
Publisher: SAUNDERS, W. B.; Published: 1998; Edition: 06;
Media:Hard cover book;
One should have one good book of pediatric differential diagnoses.

On-Line Resources

(there is much more out there than can be listed, but here are a couple of gems)

  • Evidence-based medicine tutorial -; link to the library page and go to the tutorial link at the bottom of the page (this is considered one of the best EBM resources on the web)
  • Medically relevant PDA information -; ; link to the library page and go to the PDA resource link on the left sidebar at the bottom (this is an excellent intrduction into PDA information resources on the web)
  • MD-Consult (; a great resource for literature searches, full text articles, guidelines, online textbook access, etc. MD-Consult has been provided free of charge during the past few years through the SUNY Downstate library. Go to the information desk in the library to find out how to gain access with a resident user id.
  • StatRef is an online resource for literature searches, textbooks, etc. available on computers at UHB.
  • UptoDate is another excellent resource for current recommendations and is available on computers at UHB and KCH.
  • Micromedix, in addition to having a poison index, has a large collection of diagnostic tools, differential diagnosis lists, patient education literature, dosing calculators and algorithms, and diagnostic pearls. It is available on computers on patient care units at KCHC and UHB.

Recommended Journals

  • Journal of Pediatrics. Mosby. Published monthly. (discounted for residents)
  • Pediatrics. AAP. Published monthly. (free with AAP membership)
  • Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. AMA. Published monthly. (free with AMA membership)
  • The New England Journal of Medicine. MSSM. Published weekly. (discounted for residents)
  • Pediatric Clinics of North America. Saunders. Published quarterly. (discounted for residents)
  • Pediatrics in Review. AAP. Published monthly except July and August. (usually free for residents; supported by pharmaceutical company via AAP roster information; subscription usually begins after the new year)