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The school provides a competitive academic environment for its students. With your help, it will provide competitive financial support as well.

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The Alumni of the School of Graduate Studies are its emissaries to the world of biomedical sciences and to the world at large. They are leaders in academia, industry, and government. They are entrepreneurs, starting their own companies. They are blazing their way in the financial and legal sectors. They act as laboratory and institute directors, medical practitioners, department chairs, school deans, and medical center leaders. They serve in managerial and lead-scientist positions at pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They work in government research institutes and in policy and oversight agencies. Their reach is global - from China to Germany, Korea to Sweden, India, Taiwan, Scotland, and Italy.

Fellowship Fund

Fellowship Fund

Felllowship Fund

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Fellowship Fund

Fellowship Fund

The School of Graduate Studies is the backbone of research on the Downstate campus. Our educational programs, including seminar series, research forums, and courses, are offered campus-wide to support research activities in many areas. The School of Graduate Studies / SGS Alumni Association General Fund is used to cover the costs of a wide range of activities that originate in or are supported by the Graduate School.

The Fellowship Fund was established to help the School continue to attract talented students who will make important contributions to the biomedical sciences. The Fund will augment students’ stipends, establish a scholarship program for students from ethnic backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in science, and support externships and conference travel.

Fellowship Fund Fellowship Fund Fellowship Fund