photo of Dhanan J. Etwaru, MD

Dhanan J. Etwaru, MD

Chief of Urology
The Brooklyn Hospital Center

    Background and Expertise:

    Dr. Dhanan Etwaru began his clinical practice in Brooklyn in 1995 and has been the Chief of Urology at The Brooklyn Hospital Center since 2010. He has been affiliated with the Department of Urology at the SUNY Health Science University since he began his Residency in in 1989. Dr. Etwaru is a skilled clinician and surgeon, double boarded in both Internal Medicine and Urology. He oversaw the development of the Robotic Surgery Program at The Brooklyn Hospital. His leadership, mentorship, and commitment to education has made TBH a coveted clinical rotation in our Residency Program.

    • 1982-1986: Doctor of Medicine, SUNY at Stoney Brook School of Medicine, Stony Brook, NY
    • 1978-1982: B.A. Biology, Hunter College, New York, NY
    • 1991-1995: Resident in the Department of Urology , SUNY Downstate School of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
    • 1989- 1991: Resident in the Department of General Surgery, SUNY Downstate School of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
    • 1986-1989: Resident in the Department of Internal Medicine, Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, NY
    • Etwaru, DJ., Raboy, A., Ferzli,G, Albert, P., Extraperitoneal Endoscopic Gasless Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection - J. Laparoscopic Surg. 1994; 4:113-6.
    • Plawker, MW., Rabinowitz SS., Etwaru, DJs, Glassberg KL, Hypergastrinemia dysuria-Hematuria and metabolic Alkalosis: Complications Associated with gastrocystoplasty. Amer. J. Urology; 1995: 154, 546
    • Momah, T., Etwaru, DJ., Sungcad, E., Schistosomiasis in a 43-year old African Immigrant from Mati with Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of the Urinary Bladder; American Journal of Tropical Medicine ad Hygiene, 78{4) 2008, pp.538.
    Scientific Presentations:
    • Etwaru, DJ., Electron Transfer in the Reduction of Ferredoxin. Presented at the National Biomedical Conferer,ce, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1982
    • Etwaru, DJ, Experiences with Testicular Prosthesis in Children. Presented at the American Urological Association Annuat Meeting, Washington, DC 1992
    • Etwaru, DJ, Penetrating Injury to the Urethra and External Genitalia, Presented at the American Urological Association Meeting, San
      Francisco, California 1994

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