photo of Maja Nowakowski, PhD

Maja Nowakowski, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus
Department of Pathology and Medicine
Center for Allergy and Asthma Research


BSB 4-18

Research or Clinical Interest Summary

Regulation of nitric oxide production by macrophages in human disease, with emphasis on alveolar macrophages and lung diseases (including asthma).

Mechanism of action of agents that modulate nitric oxide production by macrophages.

Immune responses in HIV-1 disease during HAART.

Recent work submitted for presentation at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology in March, 2009. Abstract title: ADHERENCE TO HAART (HIGHLY ACTIVE ANTIRETROVIAL THERAPY) BY HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS WITH ALLERGIC ASTHMA IS ASSOCIATED WITH SELECTIVE SUPPRESSION OF SERUM IgE BUT NOT OF EXHALED BREATH NITRIC OXIDE (NO).
Paula Brown, Molly Findley, Helen G. Durkin, Rauno Joks, Jack DeHovitz, Maja Nowakowski
Funded by NY State Department of Health

  • Smith-Norowitz TA, Silverberg J, Norowitz KB, Bluth MH, Chice S, Joks R, Nowakowski M, Durkin HG. Two distinct T cell subsets, CD4+ and CD8+CD60+, and their cytokines are required for in vitro induction of human ragweed-specific memory IgE responses. J Immunol 181:4761-9, 2008. Smith-Norowitz TA, Drew H, Norowitz HM, Nowakowski M, Bluth EF, Durkin HG, Bluth MH.
  • Detection of IgE anti-parvovirus antibodies in human breast milk. Ann Clin Lab Sci 38(2):168-73, 2008.
  • Kalampokis, I, Chice, SM, Durkin, HG, Nowakowski, M. 2007. Changes in the state of differentiation of SC cells induced by phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate. Proceedings of the 13th International Congress of Immunology, August 21-25, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Bluth M, Robin J, Ruditsky M, Norowitz K, Chice S, Pytlak E, Nowakowski M, Durkin HG, Smith-Norowitz TA. IgE anti-Borrelia burgdorferi components (p18, p31, p34, p41, p45, p60) and increased blood CD8+CD60+ T cells in children with Lyme disease. Scand J Immunol 65:376-382, 2007.
  • Hardin R, Pierre J, Schulze R, Mueller C, Fu S, Wallner S, Stanek A, Shah V, Gross R, Weedon J, Nowakowski M, Zenilman M, Bluth M. Sophorolipids improve sepsis survival: effects of dosing and derivatives. J Surg Res (E-Pub, 8/31/07) October 2007.
  • Nowakowski M, Amassian VE, Moshel Y, Durkin HG. Effect of magnetic stimulation over left temporo-parieto-occipital cortex on human blood T cell distributions and serum IgE responses. Proceedings of 8th International Congress of Neuroimmunology, Nagoya, Japan, October 15-19, 2006.
  • Bluth, MH, Kandil, E, Mueller, CM, Shah, V, Lin, Y, Zhang, H, Dresner, L, Lempert, L, Nowakowski, M, Gross, R, Schulze, R, Zenilman, ME. 2006. Sophorolipids block lethal effects of septic shock in rats using a cecal ligation and puncture model of experimental sepsis. Crit Care Med 34:10-18.

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