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Michael Rose, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Infectious Diseases

Dr. Rose completed all his training at SUNY Downstate and Kings County Hospital and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases. Outside his role as a primary care physician for patients with HIV, Dr. Rose is interested in understanding science and medicine through the lens of philosophy. Since 2018 he has taught a reading elective which provides a broad overview of Biomedical Ethics, and explores a myriad of topics in the philosophy of medicine, including how society's concepts of disease have changed over time. 

Research Interests:

Bioethics, Tropical Medicine, Understanding public perceptions of science and medicine

Training and Education:
  • BA: American University
  • MD: SUNY Downstate
  • IM Residency: SUNY Downstate
  • ID Fellowship: SUNY Downstate
Why I Enjoy Working at Kings County

The siren song of Flatbush is never-ceasing, its pull as unremitting as the ocean's waves.


Since 2018 I have been teaching a yearly elective for fourth year medical students in the philosophy of science and medicine. I believe that philosophy is an excellent tool for exploring the many unwritten and shifting assumptions that lie just below the surface of medicine's seemingly placid exterior. By exploring and critiquing these assumptions, I hope to better empower medical students as they navigate the changing face of medicine, through their training and beyond. 

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