photo of Sheldon Landesman

Sheldon H. Landesman, MD

Professor of Medicine
Assistant Dean for Clinical Education
Director, Essentials of Clinical Medicine Programs

Research Interests:

perinatal HIV, ethics related to HIV Current projects: collaborator -perinatal HIV study

Education and Training:
  • Medical School: Downstate
  • Internship: NYU-Bellvue Hospital Center
  • Fellowship: National Cancer Institute, Hematology and Oncology
  • Residency: Tufts,New England Medical Center, Boston, Mass.
  • Fellowship: Infectious Disease, Tufts, New England Medical Center
Why I enjoy working at SUNY Downstate:

the students, the diversity and spectrum of clinical disease, my fellow ID faculty, short drive to work

Mailing Address:
450 Clarkson Ave, MSC 1245
Brooklyn, NY 11415

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  • Lapuebla A, Abdallah M, Olafisoye O, Cortes C, Urban C, Quale J, Landman D. Activity of meropenem combined with RPX7009, a novel β-lactamase inhibitor, against Gram-negative clinical isolates in New York City. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2015; 59: 4856-60.

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