photo of Itsaso Garcia-Arcos

Itsaso Garcia-Arcos, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine - Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
Department of Cell Biology


Dr. Garcia-Arcos leads a team of scientists focused on lipid metabolism, surfactant lipid homeostasis, and cellular lipid uptake and usage during pulmonary and cardiovascular disease.

The lung is not usually considered as a highly metabolic organ, but alveolar type 2 cells need to maintain intense lipid metabolic activity to synthesize surfactant. Pulmonary surfactant is mainly composed of phospholipids and minor amounts of other lipids and specific proteins. Surfactant allows the lungs to inflate by decreasing the alveolar surface tension and the work needed for inspiration in each breathing cycle.  A delicate balance between synthesis, secretion, recycling and degradation of the lipids is required to maintain surfactant function and lung performance. While it has been known for decades that an adequate development of the alveolar surfactant system is essential for neonates, the role of lipid metabolism in adult lung disease is poorly understood despite accumulating evidence showing its relevance. In the lab, we use cell culture and in vivo models to study the regulation of surfactant homeostasis and its dysregulation during disease. Our experimental approaches include a wide variety of techniques in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology and physiology.

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Education and Training

Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Cardiovascular disease, lipoprotein lipase and adipose tissue biology; lung lipid metabolism.  Columbia University, New York (2010-2014)

Pulmonary metabolism in smoke-related disease. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York (2014-2015)

Doctoral Research:

Hepatic lipid metabolism and intracellular lipid droplets in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. University of the Basque Country, Vizcaya, Spain (2004-2009). PhD with European Doctor Recognition of the doctoral thesis.

Peroxisomal proteomics of aging. Biomedical Center, Uppsala University, Sweden (visiting scholar, 2004)

intracellular protein interactions in pancreatic cells European Institute of Chemistry and Biology, University of Bordeaux, France (visiting scholar, 2007)

Grants (while in the US)

  • NHLBI 1R01HL148774 (PI) 2021-2026
  • NHLBI 1R56HL148774 (PI) 2019-2021
  • NHLBI PRIDE-CVD program (Scholar) 2021-2022
  • American Heart Association Grant-in-aid (PI) 2017-2019
  • Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute Young Clinical Scientist Award (PI) 2014-2020
  • American Heart Association Postdoctoral training award (PI) 2012-2014
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