Tade Souaiaia, PhD

Tade Souaiaia, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology

Research Interests:

My primary research interests involve computational biology method development with a focus in understanding how gene expression changes in development especially as it impacts mental health.  Currently my laboratory is focused on developing novel techniques to integrate different ‘omics data including gene expression data, isoform level expression, microRNA, and CHIP-Seq data to investigate the etiology of schizophrenia.   In addition, as I former athlete, I remain interested in the development of environmental and kinematic models for the sprint and long jump events and how the training models are informed by changes at the cellular level.


I teach statistics and analysis of algorithms in the graduate school as well.  As of now, teaching is done virtually, and can be followed on YouTube


School of Graduate Studies
Spring Semester:
Scientific Computing in Python: 6974 GRSC
Fall Semester
Graduate Statistics  GRSC 0120

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