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Eduardo Mascareno, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Cell Biology

Leptin: A Regulator of the Cardiovascular System

The direct relationship between obesity and cardiovascular diseases, such as, hypertension and coronary heart disease (CHD), is not understood at the molecular level. The receptors for leptin have been found in several tissues, including those in the cardiovascular system, suggesting that leptin may play a role in the regulation of cardiovascular functions. We have recently established that activation of the Jak/Stat signaling pathway is an essential component in maintaining the autocrine loop of the local tissue renin-angiotensin system (RAS) during cardiac hypertrophy. We further observed that the STAT proteins that are essential to maintain the autocrine loop of the heart tissue RAS are also the target of leptin. This observation along with the evidence on the presence of leptin receptors in the cardiovascular tissues prompted us to examine whether leptin is a potential regulator of the RAS and/or the cardiovascular function. Activation of the Jak/Stat pathway by leptin can induce the tissue RAS thereby linking obesity with hypertension, and perhaps with the mechanism underlying hypertrophic growth of the heart.

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List of Publications (Pub Med)

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