photo of Shirley Eisner

Shirley Eisner, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Cell Biology

  • Director of MS1 Blood & Lymphoid/Head & Neck Block
  • Co-Director of Medical Gross Anatomy
  • Director of MS1 Embryology and Developmental Anatomy

Although formerly associated with the research laboratory of Dr. Frank Scalia, Dr. Eisner is now primarily involved in teaching and administration in the medical school curriculum. She teaches Gross Anatomy, Embryology and Neuroanatomy to first year medical students and CHRP students. She has made innovative changes in the Anatomy and Development components of the Blood & Lymphoid/Head & Neck Block, including instituting Rotating Radiology Exhibits into the Gross Anatomy curriculum, integrating the physical exam as a method to learn Gross Anatomy, developing new video applications for study of the skull and significantly increasing the integration of diagnostic imaging as a major component of the students' Gross Anatomy education in the first year.

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