The Cardiovascular Disease PRIDE Program

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The Cardiovascular Disease PRIDE Summer Institute will provide intensive didactic and mentored research training to underrepresented minority and those with disability engaged in cardiovascular health disparities. The goal of the institute is:

  • To select qualified underrepresented scientists who have great potential to contribute to the state of current knowledge in cardiovascular disease health disparity research.
  • To train a diverse group of scientists in multidisciplinary research methods to address cardiovascular health disparities.
  • To mentor underrepresented scientists in order to transition into independent Researchers.
  • To provide underrepresented scientists with intensive individualized training and guidance in grant writing and peer review in order to enhance their capacity for success in their research careers.

Program Requirements

All applications are evaluated at SUNY Downstate Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. Applications are accepted via email, fax or mail. Applicants who send complete applications will receive a postcard or message acknowledging receipt of their application. Those who send incomplete or unresponsive applications will receive a statement as to why their application will not be reviewed. However, they will be invited to submit a new application for the following year.

To be eligible to participate in a PRIDE Summer Institute Training Program, you must be:

  • a junior-level faculty member or scientist (postdocs not eligible).
  • of a race and/or ethnicity that is under-represented in the biomedical sciences and/or have a disability.
  • of a socioeconomically disadvantaged background
  • a United States Citizen or Permanent United States Resident.

The Summer Institute will provide funding to support travel and accommodations for up to 10 trainees.

All applications along with supporting materials must be submitted by February 1, 2021.

Please submit pre-application and application materials to Pride Coordination Core.