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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program

Residents & Faculty

photo of Scott Dowd

Scott Dowd, MD
Hometown: Southboro, MA
Personal Interests: Golf, Weight Lifting, New York City

photo of Greg Grabon

Greg Grabon, MD
Hometown: Middletown, NY
Personal Interests: Fishing

photo of Shady Hassan

Shady Hassan, MD
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Personal Interests: Weight Lifting, Traveling, Basketball

photo of Fajie Ma

Fajie Ma, BM
Hometown: Qingdao, China
Personal Interests: Table Tennis, Fishing, Travel

photo of Michael R. Nicoletti

Michael R. Nicoletti, MD
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Personal Interests: Triathlon/Ironman, Nutrition & Fitness

photo of Anatoly Shnayder

Anatoly Shnayder, MD
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Personal Interests: Swimming, Soccer

photo of Thien (Michael) Tran

Thien (Michael) Tran, MD
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Personal Interests: Fitness, Sports, Fishing

photo of Matthew Dounel

Matthew Dounel, MD MPH
Hometown: Forest Hills, NY
Personal Interests: Hiking, Swimming, Photography, Filmmaking

photo of Michael Jurkowich

Michael Jurkowich, MD
Hometown: Whitestone, NY
Personal Interests: Sports, Music, Travel

photo of Shinto Koshy

Shinto Koshy, MD
Hometown: Northridge, CA
Personal Interests: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Water Sports, Plant Horticulture

photo of Bobby Oommen

Bobby Oommen, MD
Hometown:Trivandrum, India
Personal Interests: Travel

photo of David Palma

David Palma, MD
Hometown: Huntington, NY
Personal Interests: Baseball, Basketball, Camping

photo of Nora Taha

Nora Taha, MD
Hometown:Watchung, NJ
Personal Interests: Spinning, Sewing, Going to the Beach

photo of Ehsan Abdeshahian

Ehsan Abdeshahian, MD
Chief Resident
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Personal Interests: Basketball, Running, Weight lifting

photo of Casey Fisher

Casey Fisher, MD
Chief Resident
Hometown: Redlands, CA
Personal Interests: Playing Sports – Baseball, Basketball, Football and Snowboarding

photo of Jinghua He

Jinghua He, MD
Hometown: Harbin, China
Personal Interests: Sports, Table Tennis

photo of Daniel Kline

Daniel Kline, MD
Hometown: Edinburg, VA
Personal Interests: Skiing, Racquetball, Football

photo of Vivek Mehta

Vivek Mehta, MD
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Personal Interests: Sports, Food, Travel

photo of David Perna

David Perna, MD
Chief Resident
Hometown: Verona, NJ
Personal Interests: Football, Weightlifting

photo of Vincent Pham

Vincent Pham, MD
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Personal Interests: Surfing, Rock Climbing, Guitar, Sailing, Travel

photo of Pauline Raitses

Pauline Raitses, DO
Hometown: Perm, Russia
Personal Interests: Spinning, Classical Music, Jazz, Ballet

photo of Gene Tekmyster

Gene Tekmyster, DO
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Personal Interests: Skiing, Golf, Baseball

photo of Kiran Vadada

Kiran Vadada, MD
Hometown: Chipata, Zambia
Personal Interests: Travel, Snowboarding, Music Production

Paul A. Pipia, MD

Assistant Professor
Chief, Division of Rehabilitation Medicine
Director, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program

Sanjeev Agarwal, MD

Assistant Professor
Director, Interventional Physiatry

Tsai C. Chao, MD

Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program

Soon M. Rho, MD

Assistant Professor

Seung J. Park, MD

Assistant Professor

Marcel Bayol, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Site Director, Kings County Hospital Center

Ibrahim Nasser, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Kings County Hospital Center

Zinaida Shikhman, RPA-C

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