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Put on your dancing shoes and wear something purple, and come join us for the PURPLE CANDY DANCE.

Help Downstate raise awareness of the need to prevent domestic violence.

October 15
11 AM in the HSEB Grove

Autism Health Fair:
Learn what community resources are available, while your child enjoys a day filled with activities and entertainment.
White Coat Ceremony 2015
Congratulations to the College of Medicine Class of 2019!
Downstate's Patient Portal Launches!

Patients in University Hospital of Brooklyn now have secure online access to their health information.

MyDownstateCare is available to Emergency Room, Ambulatory Surgery, and Inpatients, and will soon expand to all patients.

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University Hospital SUNY Downstate. Making Brooklyn Better.
The new University Hospital SUNY Downstate.
Making Brooklyn Better.

University Hospital of SUNY Downstate is a leader in advanced medical care. It is the only hospital in Brooklyn backed by the expertise of an outstanding medical school and the research facilities of a world class academic center.

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Comprehensive pediatric ear, nose and throat services
The most comprehensive pediatric ear, nose and throat services in the tri-state area.

There are a million and a half children in New York City. Which means a million and a half throats and noses and three million ears for parents to worry about.

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A separate children's emergency room.
A separate children's emergency room. With specially trained E.R. doctors.

We know what parents worry about: your child is sick and you can't reach your doctor. At times like those remember University Hospital SUNY Downstate and our pediatric emergency rooms.

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The Statewide Financial System (SFS) Shutdown: The 3-week shutdown of the Statewide Financial System is scheduled to take place between September 28, 2015 and October 15, 2015. No State purchase dorders, contracts, employee reimbursements, or invoices will be processed through the State system during the downtime. If you have any questions, please contact Martin Deane at extension 3199

Transitioning SUNY Downstate: Downstate is restructuring in order to serve Brooklyn better and achieve long-term financial stability. Click here for more information on Downstate's Sustainability Plan.

Are you a vendor who is doing business or is interested in doing business with SUNY Downstate Medical Center? Click here for more information.