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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Department of Urology

The Richard J. Macchia, MD Urology Resident Education Fund

Dr. Richard J. MacchiaThe Richard J. Macchia MD Urology Resident Education Fund was conceived by the Department's third Chair, Dr. Jeffrey P. Weiss, in honor of the immense contributions to both resident and medical student education in Urology fostered by Dr. Weiss' predecessor Dr. Richard J. Macchia. Under Dr. Macchia's guidance, SUNY Downstate students ranked 4th nationally in terms of numbers matching in Urology programs (and first in nation presently). Legions of successful and productive academic and practicing Urologists owe their training to Dr. Macchia who generously donated a sum to establish this eponymous fund. The 501c3 tax-deductible Macchia Fund is designated exclusively for the support of educational activities by current Downstate Urology residents such as attendance at meetings and related educational materials and programs. We encourage alumni and interested parties to donate generously to the fund which may be done through our department's administrator, Dolka Fareaux. Department email address is:


Other Scholarship Funds

Richard J. Macchia, MD '94H Scholarship

In May 1998 the “Richard J. Macchia, MD '94H Scholarship” was established under the auspices of the SUNY Downstate College of Medicine Alumni Association. Proceeds from the scholarship are used to support a needy SUNY Downstate medical student who has excelled academically.

Recipient Gallery

  • 2003 Recipient: Julia Yesher.<br /> L-R: Dr. Angela Bennett, Dr. Richard J. Macchia, Ms. Julia Yesher, Mrs. Jill Ditchik
  • 2007 Recipient: David Jang<br />L-R: Dr. Richard Sadovsky, Dr. Richard J. Macchia, Mr. David Jang, Mrs. Jill Ditchik
  • 2012 Recipient: R. Lopez<br />L-R: Mrs. Jill Ditchik, Dr. R. Lopez
  • 2016 Recipient: Archana Vishwanath

Newton D. Warmington, MD Scholarship Fund

In 2002 Dr. Macchia proposed to the institution that the Newton D. Warmington, MD Scholarship Fund be established. The fund is a combined effort of the Department of Urology, the SUNY Downstate Medical School, the SUNY Downstate College of Medicine Alumni Association and the Daniel Hale Williams Society. Proceeds from the fund will be used to support economically disadvantaged SUNY Downstate Medical Students from the Caribbean-American, African-American and Hispanic Communities.

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