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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

University Hospital of Brooklyn

The Department of Otolaryngology

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Department Chair: Richard Rosenfeld, MD
(718) 270-1638 (718) 270-3924

To reach physicians in department (718) 270-1638

To schedule patient appointments (718) 270-4701

The Department of Otolarynology provides services to both pediatric and adult patients with disorders of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, head and neck. Diagnosis and treatment of communicative disorders are also available.

Medical and surgical treatment of problems related to all head and neck structures are provided by the department. Endoscopic sinus surgery and laser surgery are performed as well. The department has modern equipment for testing of disorders of hearing and balance.

Also available for consultation is: John P. Weigand, Au.D. director of the Audiology Center, which provides audiological evaluation services to infants, children, and adults. Services include evaluation of hearing and middle ear function, auditory brain stem testing, and electronystagmography. Services at affiliated hospitals include evaluation of hearing in neonates, otoacoustic emissions testing, electrocochleography, and cochlear implant evaluation, surgery, mapping and follow-up, and hearing-aid evaluation.


FOR REFERRALS CALL 1 888 270-SUNY (7869)