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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

University Hospital of Brooklyn

Department of Anesthesiology

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David Wlody, MD
Professor and Chairman
Program Director

(718) 270-3070 • Fax: (718) 270-3066

Using the most modern methods and instrumentation, the Department of Anesthesiology renders service to all surgical patients and to patients of the following anesthesia subspecialties: pediatric, obstetric, neurosurgical, critical care, pain, renal transplant, and ambulatory. Inpatients and outpatients receive consultations during regular office hours.

The department also offers chronic pain management consultation in diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks and transcutaneous electrical stimulation. Consultations are provided for both inpatients and outpatients.


Director: Rebecca Twersky, MD
(718) 613-8742

The Ambulatory Surgery Unit is directed by the Department of Anesthesiology and comprises nearly 70% of all elective surgical procedures. Ambulatory surgery and day of surgery admissions patients are given the opportunity to discuss the anesthetic plan with the anesthesiologist and staff in Pre-Anesthesia Clinic during their presurgical testing appointments.

Residents gain experience in ambulatory anesthesia techniques suited for the broad array of pediatric, adult and geriatric patients and the diversity of procedures now being done on an ambulatory surgery basis.


Director: Ketan Shevde, MD
(718) 270-1563

The Division of Cardiac Anesthesiology provides anesthetic care for cardiothoracic surgery in both the adult and pediatric population on a round-the-clock basis. Consultation is provided in the postoperative management of all cardiac surgical patients.


Director: Jean Charchaflieh, MD
(718) 270-3269

The Division of Critical Care provides ACGME fellowship training in Critical Care Medicine at the CA-4 level or higher. Anesthesiology residents (PGY-1 through PGY-4) rotate through intensive care units under the supervision of critical care fellows and attendings. Attending coverage for both supervision and patient care is provided in-house on 24/7 basis at SUNY Downstate MSICU. Care is provided for patients who have critical illness such as septic shock, ARDS or organ failure. Specialized care is provided for cardio-thoracic, neuro-surgical, neuro-interventional or trauma patients. In addition to patient care, residents, fellows and attendings are involved in education, research and administrative activities related to critical care.


Director: Marilyn Resurrección, MD
(718) 270-1927

Anesthesia services, both general and regional, and consultation are available 24 hours a day at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and at affiliate hospitals. Anesthesiology staff (resident and attending) provide 24/7 in-house coverage. Pre-admission testing is encouraged. Appropriate monitoring is available for high-risk patients, postoperative care, and acute pain management control post surgery, including intensive care.


Director: Audrée A. Bendo, MD
(718) 270-3764

Adult and pediatric neurosurgical anesthesia services are provided at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and its affiliate hospitals. Neurosurgical anesthesia services are provided for a variety of patients requiring cerebrovascular surgery, interventional neuroradiology, general neurosurgery, epilepsy and skull base surgery and spine surgery and reconstruction. Electrophysiological monitoring with evoked potentials and computer-processed EEG is available.


Director: David Wlody, MD
(718) 780-2835

The Division of Obstetric Anesthesia provides 24 hour in-house coverage at the three primary affiliates of SUNY Downstate. Consultation is available for both inpatients and outpatients. We offer post-Cesarean section analgesia. We also assist in the critical care management of obstetric patients. We encourage patients who have questions about obstetric anesthesia to contact one of the members of the division.


Director: Khosrow Mojdehi, MD
(718) 270-1910

The Division of Pediatric Anesthesia practices in concordance with the Division of Pediatric Surgery as well as other surgical subspecialties with pediatric populations. General anesthesia as well as regional techniques are provided for intraoperative and postoperative care on both routine and emergency cases 24 hours a day. Ambulatory surgery and postoperative pain management are also available to our pediatric patients.


Director: Lijin Liang, MD
(718) 270-1910

The Division of Transplant Anesthesiology provides anesthetic care for both renal transplant surgery and non-transplant surgery for patients with end-stage-renal diseases in both the adult and pediatric populations. Consultation is provided in the perioperative management of all transplant surgical patients.


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