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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Division of Transplantation

Patient Testimonials - Words from the Heart

photo of Judy ColumboJudy Columbo

Judy has had a functioning kidney transplant since 1985. She balances her busy life working full time with the Downstate Division of Nephrology and spreading the word about organ donation throughout the Brooklyn community.


photo of IsabelIsabel – Kidney transplant 19 years

I'm very thankful for having received a kidney transplant. Because of the transplant, I was able to see my children grow and complete their studies. I was even able to see my granddaughter complete her studies and grow into a beautiful young woman. I'm truly thankful for the gift I have received.


photo of VickieVickie

I received my kidney transplant approximately 5½ years ago from my older brother. I have to say it has truly been an absolute blessing for me and has enhanced my life greatly. Since my transplant I have been able to go back to school, finish my education and successfully give birth to my now 19 month old beautiful baby girl, Jazzmyne. Through consistent medication regulation and the wonderful doctors and staff here at SUNY Downstate, I have been given a new opportunity at a better life not only for myself, but also for my daughter.


photo of MarcusMarcus

My name is Marcus and I am a transplant recipient since 2007. I thank the transplant staff at Downstate and I am still doing well 3½ years later. I thank the donor for giving me a second chance at life. God Bless You My Donor. I hope to see my children grow.


photo of DouglasDouglas

I received my transplant at Downstate Medical Center on 10/23/10 and I really feel blessed at this time because of donor who gave me a new chance at life. I now have a new working kidney and how I wish I could tank the family of the donor from the tip of my heart. God blessed me with the courage to move forward with my life and I want to thank SUNY Downstate Transplant Coordinators, Doctors, Nurses and staff. All of these people have given me my inspiration to live life to the fullest. I thank everybody wholeheartedly who has given me a second chance at life.


photo of JacquelineJacqueline

Having a kidney transplant made a difference in my life. I feel like a new person with a new lease on life. I'm very grateful to my donor.


photo of GussieGussie

Thank you so much to the donor of the kidney I received in 2008. It's not easy to find a donor kidney and I'm very careful to take care of this precious gift, making sure I take my medications on time and see the doctor regularly. I always pray for the donor's family and thank them so much for this generous gift.


photo of CherylCheryl

My transplant was the best thing that happened to me. Being on dialysis was very difficult but after I had the kidney my life started to pick back up. I thank the donor for this wonderful gift.


photo of ZafarZafar

Thank you to the donor for giving me this kidney and saving my life.


photo of OmarOmar

There is nothing like a second chance at life… and that's just what my brother gave me with the help of the amazing renal staff at Downstate. Thank you so much!


photo of GlenGlen

Who gave me my kidney I do not know him; but I would like to thank him and his family, and the hands of God for making it happen. Love, Glen.


photo of YahairaYahaira

My name is Yahaira and I'm a 31 year old kidney transplant recipient. I received my kidney transplant from my mother in April 1995. That is the best gift I have every received in my life, a "second chance at life". Thank you Mom. I Love You!


photo of KanthiKanthi

God gave me a second chance at life. Oh how I cherish him. My husband who gave me the kidney. I cherish him as well. Thank you so much my darling!


photo of ConstanceConstance

I had my transplant in May 2007. This procedure changed my life and gave me a second chance. The staff has been very supportive and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you Staff!!



Samuel Anderson - Transplant 1994
Profession - Bass guitarist since 1974
Experience - Performed with bands including: Cab Calloway,the Drifters, and the Coasters.Presently with Projecto Uno, the most popular hip-hop merengue group in the world.

Having a transplant has given me the ability to pursue my music career, which has enabled me to travel worldwide playing my music.



My name is Minerva. I became ill with Lupus at the age of 16 years old. I lost my kidneys because of the Lupus. I went on dialysis in 1986. It was hard because I was still in high school. In May of 1987 I had my first transplant but it rejected. I was determined to get another transplant. In November of the same year I was called for my second transplant. That transplant worked pretty well.

In 1989 I had another miracle in my life, my son was born. Shortly after that my transplant failed. I was on dialysis for almost 10 years waiting waiting for another transplant. I never gave up hope. In 1998 I was called for my third transplant. It is working beautifully. In 2000 I married the most wonderful man Gordon Dale. He has truly made my life complete. Now my life is filled with so much happiness. I have a healthy kidney and my husband and my son by my side every step of the way.


Jean WilliamJean & William

William: It's a wonderful thing that my sister did, I can't thank her enough

Jean: There are no words to describe what it's like giving life back to my brother


Derrik ColinDerrick & Colin

When Derrick's brother Colin found out that his brother needed a kidney transplant, he came all the way from Jamaica to donate a kidney to his brother. The transplant was on 1/29/01 and both brothers enjoy a bond unknown to most through this precious gift.


Jose VenessaJose & Vanessa

Jose received a kidney from his wife Vanessa on 1/10/00. After having their blood tested and finding out that they were a "match", Vanessa did not hesitate to donate a kidney to her husband. The kidney works perfectly and both have resumed a full and happy life.



Michael J. Narvaez - Transplant 1983
Profession - Playwright / Actor
Married with six children, three of them born after his transplant.

My life was granted and blessed with a new invigorating organ, a donation made without trepidation, yet I am sure with pure love, a kidney. A kidney from my father.


VanceKathleen, Vance & Dad

Vance: I felt like I was reborn. I got a second chance at life, thanks to my mom.

Dad: My wife's donation was a gift — a precious gift of life to my son.

Kathleen: I wanted my son off dialysis. Doctors Hong, Sumrani and their entire staff made my prayer come true.



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