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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Division of Transplantation

Transplant Team

photo of Devon John

Devon John, M.D.

Chief of Transplantation Surgery, Department of Surgery

group photo

The transplant team at University Hospital is made up of highly skilled Transplant Surgeons, Transplant Coordinators, Nurses, Nephrologists (kidney specialists), Social Workers and Dietitians. Together with you, the transplant team will provide the best possible care both before and after your transplant.


The Transplant Unit Nursing Staff

photo of the Transplant Unit Nursing Staff

The Transplant Unit Nursing Staff specialize in the care of transplant recipients. These highly trained nurses ensure that transplant recipients receive the highest standard of care. They are expert in teaching recipients about the anti-rejection medications which must be taken to prevent rejection of the transplant. They also ensure that recipients know how to monitor for signs of rejection and how to proceed should problems arise.


The Transplant Coordinators

photo of the Transplant Coordinators

The Transplant Coordinators are highly trained Registered Nurses specializing in the care of Transplant candidates and recipients. They work closely with the surgeons and other members of the transplant team and are an important part of your transplant out patient care.


The Transplant Nurse Practitioners

photo of the Transplant Nurse Practitioners

The Transplant Nurse Practitioners work closely with you and the medical / surgical staff to provide the best follow-up care after your transplant.


The Transplant Social Workers

group photo of Social Work Staff

The Transplant Social Workers are an integral part of the Transplant Team. They are available to assist with social service needs and will work with you and your dialysis unit to ensure that your social service needs are met.


The Transplant Support Staff

group photo of support staff

The Transplant Support Staff is dedicated to making communication with the Transplant Program a positive experience. Every telephone call and every visit to the Transplant Clinic is important to us and we strive to maintain courtesy and efficiency.


The Outpatient Clinic Nursing Staff

group photo of support staff

The Transplant clinic nurses work closely with the Transplant Team to ensure that each clinic visit is a pleasant and helpful experience.


The Transplant Office Manager

photo of the Transplant Office Manager Eleanor Lyn

The Transplant Office Manager provides administrative support to the Division and organizes the day to day support staff workflow.


The Diabetic Nurse Specialist

photo of the Diabetic Nurse Specialist

The Diabetic Nurse Specialist is an expert in the care of diabetes. She is available to teach new diabetics how to monitor their blood sugar and how to take the medications necessary to control their diabetes. She also teaches both new and established diabetics how to manage a diabetic diet and how to practice the best diabetic foot care. Patient education is a highly valued resource in the UHB Transplant Program and diabetes education is highly emphasized.


The Histocompatibility "Tissue Typing" Staff

photo of the Histocompatibility “Tissue Typing” Staff

The Histocompatibility or "Tissue Typing" Staff identify the genetic markers which are critical to the field of transplantation. These genetic markers allow for the "matching" of transplant donors and recipients. In addition to identification of these genetic markers, they "mix" the donor and recipient cells to determine the likelihood of transplant rejection. Using this technique, the likelihood of rejection can be more easily determined in the pre transplant period.



The UHB Laboratory Staff

photo of the UHB Laboratory Staff

The UHB Laboratory staff is available for drawing blood in both the in-patient and out-patient areas. Their expert skills allow them to draw and process blood and other specimens quickly and efficiently. Their professional manner allows clinic visits and in-patient stays to flow as smoothly as possible.


The Transplant Pharmacist

photo of the Transplant Pharmacist

The Transplant Pharmacist will work closely with you in learning about the medications you will need to take after your transplant



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