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Division of Transplantation

Sexual Activity

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You must practice safe sex at all times.

You may resume sexual activity after 2-3 weeks depending on how you feel. Sexual activity will not harm the transplanted kidney but you may find some positions more comfortable than others. If the activity hurts your incision, you may want to try experimenting with pillows or different positions to find what works best for you.

Women may resume menstruation within several months after transplant and should be aware of the increased possibility of pregnancy. Women should take precautions not to become pregnant in the first year following the transplant. You should discuss birth control with your doctor.

Avoid using I.U.D.s because they carry a risk of infection. Ask your doctor about other forms of birth control. Women should have regular gynecological check ups and a pap smear every year.

Both men and women should examine their breasts monthly (same time each month).

Men who are 40 years old and over should see a Urologist to have a prostate exam done, and have an exam yearly after age 45.

Men who were unable to have an erection prior to transplant may find that they have normal sexual function with their new kidney. If you are unable to have an erection after the transplant please discuss this with your doctor.

If you have had herpes in the past you may have a flare up after transplant as a result of the medications and the stress of surgery. Check your genital area for herpetic lesions and notify the transplant team should you develop any genital lesions.

Do not have unprotected sex if you have a genital herpes lesion.