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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Division of Transplantation

Medical Faculty

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Photo of Moro Salifu

Moro Salifu, MD, MPH, MBA, FACP

Chief, Renal and Transplantation Divisions, Program Director, Division of Nephrology.

Dr. Salifu has a long history of expertise in Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation. His specialty areas include renal transplant outcomes, transplant allograft dysfunction and glomerular diseases. His reputation as a world class researcher is well recognized and his research has been published and presented locally, regionally and internationally.


Photo of Eli Friedman

Eli Friedman, MD, MACP

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology

Dr. Eli Friedman is a native of Brooklyn whose career-long contributions to the field of nephrology have advanced the quality of renal medicine within our city as well as throughout the nation. Dr.Friedman established the first hemodialysis facility in New York city here at Downstate in 1963 and his work in the field of kidney disease is internationally recognized.

Phone: 718 270-1585
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Photo of Subodh Saggi

Subodh Saggi, MD

Attending Nephrologist

Dr. Saggi is Director of the Downstate Parkside dialysis unit. He has an extensive background in clinical practice and medical research. Dr. Saggi works closely with both the medical and surgical transplant teams.


Group photo of 5 Nephrology Faculty

L to R: Dr. Subodh Saggi, Dr. Moro Salifu, Dr. Fasika Tedla, Dr. Chanigan Nilu bol and Dr. Eli Friedman