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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Division of Transplantation

Donor Information Group

The University Hospital of Brooklyn Donor Information Group meets periodically to openly discuss the living donor transplant experience. The purpose of the meeting is to offer those who are considering donation of a kidney to a loved one the opportunity to meet and freely discuss the organ donation experience with those who have already donated one of their kidneys to someone they love. Discussions are lively and informative and offer potential donors the opportunity to learn the pros and cons of kidney donation from the most reliable source of all, those who have donated. In order to ensure a free exchange of information, potential recipients are excused from the session. Meetings are coordinated by the UHB pre-transplant coordinator who facilitates the flow of information. Anyone who is considering living donor transplantation is urged to attend the session. It is a memorable, invaluable experience which will surely help in the decision making process.