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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Division of Transplantation

The Decision Process

Making the decision as to whether or not to donate a kidney takes a great deal of thought and should only be made when all the pros and cons have been considered. This decision should never be made under pressure from anyone.

Donating a kidney takes a great deal of love and courage. Each family member must weigh the pros and cons of donating a kidney and make a personal decision as to whether or not this is something that they would like to pursue.

Donating a kidney to someone with kidney failure can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime, however, people considering kidney donation frequently experience mixed emotions. It is quite natural for a potential donor to be afraid, anxious, or even hesitant when they first consider kidney donation. The University Hospital of Brooklyn Transplant Division offers quarterly donor education meetings where people who have donated a kidney speak openly about their experience. Recipients are not permitted at these meetings so the discussions can be quite frank.

Once the decision is made, the transplant team will work with family members throughout the screening process and the surgery to be certain that this gift of life is a lasting gift. The Transplant Surgeons and Transplant Coordinators are always available to talk with you and your family both before and after you decide to become a donor. You should feel free to discuss financial needs and family concerns which could arise. All discussions are strictly confidential.

Financial Considerations

The complete evaluation for donation, donor surgery and post operative care are fully paid by the recipient's insurance. There is no cost to the donor for donating a kidney.