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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Division of Transplantation

Admission to the Hospital

As with the donor evaluation, hospitalization and surgery are paid for by the recipient's insurance. Both donor and recipient are admitted to University Hospital of Brooklyn on the morning of the scheduled surgery. Routine blood testing and admitting procedures will be done and you will be directed to the surgical area where you will meet the medical and surgical teams who will perform the donation and transplantation surgeries.

Following surgery, both the donor and recipient will be closely monitored in the recovery room until fully stabilized. You may wake up with some tubes or drains but do not be alarmed. This is routine procedure and not an indication of post-operative complications.

Once fully stabilized, you will be transferred to The Samuel Kountz Nursing Station on the 8th floor where you will be encouraged to cough, deep breathe and walk. This will speed your recovery and lessen post-operative pain. You will be given pain medication as needed so do not hesitate to ask for it if you need it.

You will be discharged within one to two days and scheduled for a post-operative follow-up visit within one week from discharge.

Once fully healed, you may return to your personal physician for regular check-ups with annual follow up by the transplant team.