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SUNY Downstate Sesquicentennial

A Diverse Legacy, A Bright Future

The 2010 – Sesquicentennial Committee

I would like to thank the team of SUNY Downstate Medical Center's best that was assembled in organizing the University's historical 150th Anniversary.

Many events, lectures and special ceremonies were scheduled over a three year period leading up to the actual Sesquicentennial.
Thanks again to all for a job well done.
                                                                                                       Meg O'Sullivan

Meg O’Sullivan
Committee Chair


Manny Bekier Vincent Cardozo Eva Cramer, PhD

Paul J. Davis Kristen Diorio Frank Fasano

Regina Finan Judith LaRosa, RN, PhD Douglas Lazzaro, MD

Suzanne Mirra, MD David Norton Anika Daniels-Osaze

Marilyn Petralia Kathleen Powderly, PhD Stephan Rinnert, MD

Tina Salerno Martin J. Salwen, MD -
Alumni Association
Dorothy Waleski
John Zubrovich, John A. Zubrovich
Ellen Watson John A.Zubrovich  
Student Advisors    
Kaitlin Poeth -President Class of 2010 Michael Allison - Class of 2009  
Alexis Pankow - Class of 2010 Rachna Sondhi, - Class of 2010  
Sadia Hussain - Class of 2010    

Ex-Officio Members

John C. LaRosa, MD

Ivan Lisnitzer

Ian Taylor, MD, PhD,  Dean of the College of Medicine SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Committee Chairs Sub-Committees
Publications Ellen Watson  
Alumni Dr. M. Salwen  
Events Regina Finan  
Sesquicentennial Journal Linda Chase  
Bio Med


Manny Bekier, Sub-Committee Chair

Aaron Cormier
Ernest Cuni
Anika Daniels-Osaze
Frank Fasano
Paul J. Davis
Tina Salerno
John Zubrovich
Historical Symposia Kathleen Powderly, Chair

Michael Augenbraun, MD
Ian Taylor, MD, PhD (Dean)
George Frangos, PhD
Martin Salwen, MD
Frank Lucente, MD
James Cottrell, MD
David Rosner, PhD (Columbia University)
Pascal Imperato, MD, MPH&TM
Christopher Warren, PhD (NYAM)
Cheryl Marriott
Ron Najman


Paul J. Davis