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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA)

What Your SEFA Contribution Buys

Why Payroll Deduction?

Making your contribution in installments through SEFA payroll deduction plan is an easy, convenient way to give. It also enables you to be more generous.

What Your Gift Can Do
Since Every Dollar Makes a Difference...

For $1 per pay period, you've got the power to:

Advocate for fair-trade coffee in some of the largest coffee retailers in the world.
Purchase 4 computers with adaptive equipment for blind students.
Provide school supplies for one child for an entire year.
Help 8 inner-city youth meet and learn about people from other cultures, while staying in a youth hostel.
Pay 5 month's salary for an adult literacy teacher in South Africa.
. . . that’s $52 a year

For $5 per pay period, you've got the power to:

Provide a home-bound AIDS patient with groceries for a full year.
Purchase a two-week stay at camp for a child with disabilities.
Make and sustain one school-based mentoring match for an at risk youth.
Pay for travel expenses for one disabled person going to pick up their new assistance dog partner.
Equip three classrooms with desk, blackboards and other needed furniture.
Provide a scholarship for an underprivileged person to travel to Central America or Haiti to document and witness human rights abuses, then return to the US to work for change.
Provide one hot food carrier to keep meals being delivered to home-bound elderly hot and appetizing.
Save the life of an abused child.
. . . that’s $260 a year

For $10 per pay period, you've got the power to:

Sponsor a class of fifteen students from underprivileged areas or homeless shelters to a day at the zoo to see firsthand the spectacular wildlife, and to gain an insight into the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats.
Provide 6 therapy sessions for a senior with a disability.
Empower solutions to global environmental problems.
Provide soccer shoes for an entire community's youth.
Buy the special material used by two scientists in one day doing the exceedingly complex research that will one day save lives.
Provide a highly trained and experienced Hotline Advocate who can offer crisis intervention, information and referrals for victims of domestic violence, their friends and family.
. . . that’s $520 a year


Thank you for your generous support!


Payroll deductions will begin with the first pay period in January 2019 and will continue for 12 months. You may cancel your pledge at any time during the year by notifying your payroll department in writing.

With your bucks, together we can change the world, so buck the trends — give today through the Downstate SEFA Campaign