Sponsored Programs Administration - Forms



Required for every grant and contract submission:

Proposal Tracking Data Sheet and Signature Worksheet

Cost Share Template (if applicable)

Submission Budget-2023 (Excel)


IF there will be sub-recipients:

Subcontract Proposal Face Page

Sub-recipient vs. Contractor Decision Tree

Sub-recipient FCOI Certification

Sub-recipient FCOI Follow-Up (if applicable)

Sub-recipient FCOI Exception Request (if applicable)


At the time of J-I-T or award:

Sub-recipient Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Annual Subrecipient Questionnaire for Renewal and Amendments


IF sub-recipients cost are greater than 49% of total budget:

Pre-Award Assessment of Proposed Sub-awards


IF there will be external consultants:

Consultant FCOI Request



Grant Management During the Life-cycle:

OTPS Cost Transfer Form

Salary and Wage Cost Transfer Form

IFR/CS Assignment (Appointment)/Change Form