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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Downstate Depot – Quick Copy Center

Quick Copy INFO
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Phone: 718-270-1117
Fax: 718-270-3724
MailStop: 2000
Location: UHB-538
(Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A, UH Basement opposite Medical Records)
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm

DMC Letter Head, Business Cards & Pre-Printed Departmental Envelopes

DMC Letterhead and stationery are covered under the Department of Institutional Advancement's DMC Stationery Policy and Procedure (link). DMC has a prescribed external vendor (DupliOnline) that produces business cards, letterhead and pre-printed departmental return address envelopes under that policy.

Save money by using the Standard DMC envelopes!: DMC Central Stores stocks and delivers pre-printed with the main DMC address #10 envelopes and window envelopes , as well as plain white (unprinted)#10 envelopes,

DMC Departments (Charged to State & IFR accounts) can process your order directly.

Instructions: DMC Stationery Policy and Procedure..

DupliOnline allows you to create your stationery letterhead and business cards on-line in a prescribed template specifically for DMC. The vendor has all original pre-authorized DMC artwork and Logo. State account holders need to

1. Prepare their job online at DupliOnline, approve the proof copy and receive a DupliOnline job number.

2. Prepare a signed State Purchase Requisition (Req customized for Duplionline) including the applicable DupliOnline job number. Submit to State Purchasing Office (mail to DMC MailStop 63, or hand deliver to 151E34th St Rm 105). Your account will be reviewed for available funding. When approved, Purchasing Department will authorize DupliOnline to process that job number. The completed job is mailed via UPS directly to your department, and your State or IFR account will be directly charged and paid to DupliOnline.

Questions: State Account holders can call or e-mail Portia London-John at Extension 1123 (718-270-1123) in the State Purchasing Department.

DMC Affiliates (For all Non-State Affiliated Entities)

The QCC will assist all affiliates with your DMC stationery needs using the above DupliOnline process (as a recharge service- billed to the affiliate company's account). The affiliate will need to:

  1. Prepare your stationery order at DupliOnline and be sure you have proof read it. See related logon Instructions: DMC Stationery Policy and Procedure
  2. Submit to the QCC: Either a QCC Job Form (or a Purchase Requisition form), noting the DupliOnline job order # that you already created and proof-read online. The QCC Job Form must identify the affiliated entity's billing information and be signed by an authorized signatory for that affiliate company account. The QCC will process the order through State Purchasing and pay the vendor from the QCC's IFR account. The affiliate will then reimburse/ pay the QCC IFR account ("SUNY Account 90081500") for the same amount.
  3. When the completed job is received, the QCC will invoice the DMC affiliated company.