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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Residency Program

Annual Residency Activies

In addition to informal outings, formal graduation or other events, and residents independent research or scholarly activities, Downstate Residents participate in several yearly activities, as below!

Brooklyn Psychiatric Society

for residents and fellows each year. There are Meet and Greet Evenings for residents to connect with other residents, fellows, early career psychiatrists and other mentors; in addition to a number of lectures, conferences and presentations during the year. The cocktail hours, dinners, and mixers are a great way to network and get to know what is going on in the field, regionally. The highlight of the Brooklyn Psychiatric Society's events is probably the Residents Poster Sessions, where all members are invited for a dinner and to listen to about three Brooklyn residents present their research. The presentations are judged by prominent psychiatrists, visiting (such as the APA president!) and local. Although we can't swing the vote for our residents, we always come for moral support! 

Annual Research Day

To showcase all of the resident research done at SUNY Downstate, there is an Annual Research Day, where residents from all programs present their posters during the day. University wide, residents, fellows, and faculty come to listen to the keynote speaker and then walk around the open auditorium, stopping at whichever resident poster catches their eye! Psychiatry has long been involved in this day, whether it is to show off some new research or to stop by during the day to provide moral support for our co-residents!

American Psychiatric Society and Institute on Psychiatric Services Annual Meetings

Nationally, our residents are involved in seminars, presentations and chairing multiple lectures at the yearly APA and IPS Meetings. Last year, many residents combined their Educational Leave days with vacation days, to attend the APA meeting in Hawaii… Going for a dive in the ocean before presenting your lecture in the afternoon… not bad! And although the meetings are not always so exotic, there are always exciting venues, like San Francisco for the IPS and Philadelphia for this year's APA! Our residents are highly encouraged to present, chair and co-chair, or even attend and learn from multiple charismatic speakers discussing on what is new and innovative in their field of mental health!

Psychiatry Residency In Training Examination

Each autumn, psychiatry residents nationwide participate in the PRITE, a multiple choice exam testing on various topics in psychiatry and neurology. There are about 70% Psychiatry and 30% Neurology questions. Each PGY year has a class dedicated to studying for the PRITE, and some of us form smaller study groups to meet at home or at cafes to go over topics and questions.