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Department of Police and Public Safety

Upcoming Rehabilitation Project at Winthrop Street

Under Construction image

As you are aware, MTA NYC Transit is currently performing work at the Winthrop Street 2 and 5 station in Brooklyn that necessitates a southbound bypass of the station from March 18, 2019 until late June 2019. (will be completed on June 28, 2019) This work includes a staircase replacement and capital improvements on the southbound side, including repairs and improvements to the platform, ceiling and columns

This e-mail is to inform you that MTA NYC Transit will be performing similar platform work along the Nostrand Avenue 2 and 5 line this year which will require similar one-way bypasses, due to the scope of work and safety considerations for the general public and work crews. The current schedule for these bypasses is as follows:

  • Southbound bypass of President Street: May 17-June 28 extended until July 13, 2019
  • Northbound bypass of Winthrop Street : June 28-August 19
  • Northbound bypass of President Street: June 28-August 19 will start on July 13, 2019, upon completion of southbound bypass of the station
  • Northbound bypass of Sterling Street: August 19-September 16
  • Southbound bypass of Sterling Street: September 16-October 25

During the following weekends of these bypasses, the work will require the operation of shuttle buses, replacing subway service between Franklin Avenue and Flatbush Avenue-Brooklyn College:

  • June 15-16
  • July 13-14
  • July 27-28
  • September 7-8
  • September 14-15
  • October 12-13
  • October 19-20

We will have more information regarding these projects as the dates of their bypasses approach, with information on the MTA website at and service posters at the affected stations.