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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Department of Police and Public Safety

Uniformed Patrol

The organizational structure of the department is as follows: Uniformed Patrol Operations Assistant Chief Paul Alleyne is responsible for all uniformed patrol operations.

Assistant Chief Paul Alleyne is the daytime administrator and he also serves as the training officer. His office is located in A1-339, phone 270-4211.Assistant Chief Paul Alleyne is the evening and night administrator and his office is also located in A1-339, phone 221-6153. Uniformed personnel are assigned to one of three shifts and each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant. On weekends and during off-peak hours, the uniformed division also provides for transportation and escort services upon request. On campus, our communications center can be reached by dialing 2626. Off campus dial 270-2626. All requests for service whether it is a crime, a suspicious person or any other type of incident should be telephoned to our communications center. When calling, please provide your name, location and a full description of the incident so we may better respond to your needs. All requests for escorts at any time, or requests for transportation services during non-business hours should also be telephoned to ext. 2626.