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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Department of Police and Public Safety

The Parking Office

The Parking Office is located on the first floor in the Residence Hall which is located at 825 New York Avenue. The normal business office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

The personnel responsible for the operation of the Parking Office is: Brian Corby (Manager: Telephone # 270-3163 .

The Parking Office is responsible for the assignment of personnel to 3 areas: the State Garage, the 225 Clarkson Avenue lot and the 323 Clarkson Avenue garage.

Parking at the SUNY Downstate facilities is very limited and it is recommended that employees sign the wait list that is maintained by personnel in the Parking Office. Furthermore, It is suggested that personnel proceed to the HSCB Foundation, Inc. office located in the Student Center and sign the wait list that they also maintain.

The Parking Office allocates spaces to the following personnel:

  • The College of Nursing and CHRP for second year students based on a lottery system.
  • The College of Medicine for 3rd year students performing rotations at University Hospital or Kings County Hospital. 4th year Medical students are allocated spaces while performing mandatory sub-internships and ambulatory care.
  • The School of Graduate Studies for graduate students.

Note: The Health Science Center Foundation operates a parking lot (not State owned), which is located just off New York Avenue on Parkside Avenue & Winthrop Street. They maintain their own sign up and waiting list. The HSCB Foundation, Inc. have a limited number of pre-paid daily parking tickets available and personnel should sign up for parking at the Faculty Student Association Office, room 203, in the Student Center for the Foundation lot.