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Downstate Card FAQ

Why do I need a DownstateCard?
Check your wallet, purse or car, how many campus related cards do you carry? ID Card, Library Card, Copy Card, Parking Card, Door Access Card? The objective is to conveniently replace all these cards with only one card.

Where can I use the DownstateCard?
Your DownstateCard will be used as your ID badge for entrance to facilities, to use the Library, copy machines, laundry room at residence halls and convenience purchase from vending machines. Future applications will include parking garages, meal plan, bookstore and other retail operations.

My DownstateCard has a gold "thing" on it; What's this for?
All students and paid staff are issued a DownstateCard with a gold colored smart computer chip embedded on it. This smart chip allows you to use your DownstateCard as a debit card for purchases. The Debit Card features are administered/managed by the Faculty Student Association. The smart chip has your account information securely encoded within it. When you open a DownstateCard Debit account, cash values are encoded in that chip. You can then use your DownstateCard to make purchases from vending machines, cafeterias, photocopiers, laundry machines, parking, gift shop, bookstore and more.

Why doesn't my DownstateCard have a computer chip?
Cards with computer chips are issued only to Downstate students and paid state and research foundation employees. All other categories will receive cards without computer chips. However if you decide to open a DownstateDebit account your card will be upgraded with a smart card at no cost to you.

Is my social security number on my card?
Your SS# has been replaced with a DMC-issued Universal ID#, a unique16-digit number, it is the number that appears at the bottom left of your card. Your personal information is securely encoded and stored in a secured campus database computer and not on your card.

How does the debit card work?
The Debit Card features are administered/managed by the Faculty Student Association

I lost my card, or had my card stolen or damaged; What do I do?
Immediately report the loss of your ID to the DownstateCard hotline at 718-270-4600 to invalidate your card. Then come to the DownstateCard office to receive a replacement card. There is a $20.00 fee for replacement.

Does my new card has the same number as old card?
NO. For your own protection your old card will be cancelled and you will be issued a new number. Once you receive your new card you need to notify the following:
-Residence Halls: If you reside at 440 Lenox, 811NYA or 825NYA inform the Residential Life & Services Department to update your record.
-Library: On your next visit, advise the Library that you have a new library number.