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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Committee on Plant-Based Health & Nutrition

2020 Webinar on Get in the Driver's Seat of Health with Plant-Based Nutrition

90-Webinar featuring Michael Greger (Nutrition and Susan Benigas (American College of Lifestyle Medicine

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2020 Conference on Plant-Based Health and Nutrition

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2019 Conference on Plant-Based Health and Nutrition

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Conference Brochure

Full Conference Brochure: Introduction, Objectives, Agenda, Speaker Profiles, and Sponsorship Information

Video replays of Conference Presentations

Welcome and Introduction: Elizabeth Helzner and Richard M. Rosenfeld (3 minutes)

Advocacy for Plant-Based Nutrition: Wayne J. Riley and Eric L. Adams (18 minutes)

The Truth About Food (Keynote Presentation): David L. Katz (74 minutes)

SUNY Downstate Position Statement on Plant-Based Health & Nutrition: Richard M. Rosenfeld (19 minutes)

A Plant-Based Diet for Your Heart: Robert Ostfeld (54 minutes)

You Are What You (Don’t) Eat: The Psychology of Plant-Based Nutrition: Daniel Rosenfeld (14 minutes)

Panel 1: Overcoming Barriers to Dietary Change: Omowale Adewale, Diego Ponieman, Mereliz Ortiz, Richard M. Rosenfeld (moderator) (49 minutes)

Panel 2: Overcoming Institutional Barriers to Implementation: Lianna Levine Reisner, Ruth Stanislaus, Rachel Atcheson (moderator) (35 minutes)