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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Payroll / Time and Attendance

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Time & Attendance INFO
Phone: 718-270-1139
Fax: 718-270-4143
MailStop: 10
Email: eMail Payroll
Location: EB Room B-007
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm, Walk-ins 10am to 3pm, except holidays
Director: Jennifer Del Rosario,
AVP: Bernadette Selby,

Forms and Documents


State employees are Paid Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays for work performed two weeks earlier; Each pay week begins on Thursday and ends on Wednesday. Students are paid on alternate Thursday.

The Salary Factor for calculating biweekly Bi-Weekly check salary is based upon the number of workdays in the state fiscal year. Dividing your annual salary by 26 will not give you the correct biweekly salary total. The salary factor use is .038356 (for leap year is .038251):

Full-time employees: Base Salary X Factor

Part-time employees: Base Salary X Factor X Percentage of obligation (FTE) 

Payroll Calendar

Payroll Forms

Tax Information

Change of Address: Status changes (marital status, phone number, address, social security number, etc) can be made by completing a Personal Data Update form and attaching legal documentation. This form can be obtained from the internal HR website at Send completed form and documents to: and use eMail Subject Line = Employee Status Change. Some status changes may require employee to visit to DHR in person.

  • If you are changing your address TO or LEAVING the 5 boroughs of NYC (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island), you will need to complete a new W4-Form and IT-2104 Form (e.g. From NJ to NYC, or FROM NYC to NJ).
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Payroll at ext. 1139 or email

We went live as a campus as of December 5, 2017 with NYS Payroll Online. Please see the NYS Payroll Online Flyer and in the Training Resources review the NYS Payroll Online Self Service presentation.

Tax for Lump Sum Payments: Supplemental wages are generally taxed using the Optional Flat Rate Method (flat 25%). The MC Merit Award has been determined to be supplemental wages and will be taxed using this method. The SUNY Discretionary Award (Earnings Code "SMR") is taxable income subject to employment and income taxes and will be taxed using the Supplemental Optional Flat Rate Method.

Tax Forms

W2 Forms are mailed from NYS-Albany to the employee's address on file on or before January 31 of each year.

Non-Resident Aliens Forms:

Reimbursement of Relocation Expenses

Reimbursement of relocation is a reportable expense and is subject to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax guidelines.


State employees may be reimbursed for the actual moving costs of household goods, personal effects and transportation costs. No reimbursement shall be provided for household goods and personal effects in excess of 12,000 pounds. The appointee should select a carrier that is registered with the Department of Transportation. If a private mover is used, three written estimates must be obtained; the lowest of which will be used for reimbursement.

Claim for reimbursement must be submitted within one year of the effective date of the appointment.


Payroll Bulletin 1698 - January 2019 OSC website »

Payroll Bulletin 1698 - January 2019 - Downloadable PDF »

Relocation Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement

  • Basic cost of moving household goods.
  • Basic cost of rental of trailers or trucks.
  • Cost of packing and/or unpacking of household goods or personal effects if such services are provided by the carrier.
  • Cost of transportation of the appointee and his/her family to the new location at the current IRS rate for the use of personally owned vehicles. The mileage to be measured by the shortest highway route between two places of residence. Payment will be made for one vehicle only, or actual method of transportation used (e.g. airfare).
  • Cost of additional insurance above the lowest valuation rate charged.


Relocation Expenses Ineligible for Reimbursement

  • Transportation of automobiles, boats and other motor vehicles.
  • Household goods and personal effects in excess of 12,000 pounds.
  • Temporary housing and pre-move expenses.


Required Documents


As of July 1, 2020, the deduction for all new overpayments will be at 15% of gross salary.

Review the complete Overpayment Policy here (PDF) »