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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Department of Pathology

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    Detection of RNA transcription using click chemistry. Incorporation of uridine analog 5-ethynyluridine (EU) into RNA (bright red) in mixed neuron-glia cultures. EU staining is mostly nuclear (blue) with some cytoplasmic punctate pattern. Within the nucleus, there is a strong nucleolar staining. The nucleolus is the place where rRNAs are synthesized (courtesy Hernandez's laboratory).

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    Mouse brain slices collected for immunohistochemistry procedures (courtesy Alarcon's laboratory).

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    Interface chamber for electrophysiological measurements of synaptic activity in mouse brain slices. Recording (left) and stimulation (right) electrodes are seen (courtesy Alarcon's laboratory).

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Welcome to the Department of Pathology.

Our department sits at the interface of basic science and clinical medicine. Our faculty, both scientists and pathologists, study the mechanisms of disease at the cellular and molecular level. We invite you to learn more about us and our roles in diagnostic pathology, research and education.

Pathology Department

24 Hour UHB Laboratory Services: 718-270-2922
Department Chair: Jenny Libien, MD, PhD
Department Phone: 718-270-1291
Department Fax: 718-270-3313
Department Administrator: Linda McGuire 718-270-2744
For pathology results, please call Surgical Pathology Office at University Hospital of Brooklyn 718-270-1668 or 1669