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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Parking Information

Parking Office

COVID-19 Changes (click to read announcement)- Normal rates to resume on 7/1/20 unless otherwise changed.


The Parking Office is responsible for Parker Authorization and assigning parking privileges to available parking lots. Parking at the SUNY Downstate facilities is very limited.

Location: first floor of the 825 New York Avenue Residence Hall in Room 105 (next door to the ID Card office).

Telephone & hours:718-270-2952. Call first to be sure office is open. Normal business office hours are 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.


eMail remains your best method to submit an inquiry. Due to current extremely high volume of inquiries, you need to have extra patience with receiving replies when you eMail the Downstate Parking Office.


Monthly Parking Waiting List: You can add your name to the Monthly Parking Wait List by eMail to:

Lot Transfers and Wait List: The Downstate Parking Office will continue to fill requested lot transfers wherever available and fill monthly vacancies. Be sure to check your Downstate email regularly. Parking Office solicitations to fill all remaining monthly parking vacancies are sent solely via email and include the deadline by which you must reply. As a reminder, if you are offered a monthly parking lot assignment and you do not respond or accept the offer by the deadline given, your current position on the wait list reverts to the bottom of the wait list.


Mail address:

SUNY Downstate Parking Office; Mail Stop Code (MSC) 104

450 Clarkson Ave 

Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098


AFTER a person is authorized by the Downstate Parking Office to receive a monthly parking lot assignment, all daily parking operations and payments for daily and monthly parking are administered by the Faculty Student Association- see Parking Webpage