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Parking Information

MONTHLY Customer Parking Portal and Sign Up Process

All MONTHLY parkers @ 225Clarkson 355Lenox & 324Winthrop St parking lots must establish an online Parking account.

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Active Customers: log into your Monthly Parking Customer Portal: 

Click on blue button below to login. Reminder- DON'T use an Internet Explorer browser 

On the portal, you can manage or change your payment method, set up or change automatic future recurring payments, and submit edits to your customer profile (vehicle changes, address, name or contact info) as changes occur

  • Invoices are posted to your portal account on the 1st day of each month. PAYMENT IS DUE ON THE 1ST DAY OF EACH MONTH.
  • 5 days prior to the 1 st of each new  month, you will receive an automated eMail reminder eMail of your upcoming invoice and payment due date, so you have the opportunity to modify your payment method BEFORE the 1st day of the new month.
  • You can't pay an invoice until it is actually posted (appears) on your account on the 1st day of each month.
  • The Parking Office does not know that you have changed your status (separations, retirements, leaves of absence) until you communicate it to the Parking Office. If your status WILL BE CHANGING,  Send eMail (link)


Automatic recurring payments from the account you established (credit card or eCheck). Invoices for each new month are issued on the 1st day of each month, and with the automatic recurring payment feature, your invoice is paid by your established payment method automatically on the 1st day of each new month. YOU CAN revise this feature at any time.

  • You can delete an old, or add a new Credit Card or eCheck account WHENEVER you so choose by logging into your Downstate Customer Parking Portal (link). Scroll down your profile details to the Payment section then click on the "edit" button next to your established payment method that you want to modify.
  • To Stop/ cancel your automatic monthly payments, send eMail (link)


If your have not yet set up your Monthly Parking Customer Portal account - follow these steps

If you received a portal invitation eMail, then start at Step 2.

PC Users: IMPORTANT- When accessing the Sign Up or Parking Portal, DON'T use an Internet Explorer browser -it wont work properly and you'll never receive the "accept invitation" eMail to start Step 2. Use any other browsers (Chrome,Safari, Firefox, etc..) 


Step 1: Things you need to have readily available before going to the Sign Up portal:

Your Downstate ID Card- you'll need the last 6 digits of your UID on the back of card (image),

Your vehicle and plate information.

State-paid Employees Only: Have a pay stub for your NYS Employee ID#. This will enable you to enroll in a NYS payroll deduction option when that future payment option is implemented. Find it on your NYS pay stub (image)

When you're ready, click on:

Once you complete all record information required, click on "Sign Up" button at bottom of page. This sends your record to the Downstate Parking Administrator.


Step 2: After completing the above step, on the next business day or sooner, You'll receive an eMail message from Downstate Parking Administrator (from eAddress will end in "@sender.zohosubscriptions") with Subject =  "FSA of DMC, Inc. has invited you to join their Parking portal".

If you do not receive an eMail, you may have used an Internet Explorer browser. Send an eMail to: and we will manually find the record you tried to create then send you a 'parking portal invitation' eMail.


Inside that eMail message, you must click on the green "Accept Invitation" link. BE SURE YOU ARE NOT USING AN INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER. This will bring you to the secure web portal (''..) where you set your password. '

Password minimum requirements:

  • minimum 8 non-sequential characters and not the same as your login name.
  • both upper and lower characters, a number, and ONE special character (!#$%&* etc..).
  • If changing your password, cannot be a previous password.

After you complete that password set up step, you will then receive another separate automated eMail with a secured link to establish your payment method, and set up automatic future recurring payments -  uncheck that box if DO NOT want to set up automatic recurring payments. This multi-step process is time consuming but better ensures security on your payment data associated with your parking record.

You're now an Active Customer with Online Access!