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Parking Information

Parking FAQ's

COVID-19 Changes (click to read announcement)- Summary of changes: Normal rates to resume 7/1/20 unless otherwise changed.

DAILY Parkers: 324 Winthrop St lot (link) is @ NO COST to Downstate ID cardholders. Hours returned to normal: Monday to Fri 5:30am to 10pm 

MONTHLY ParkersUSE YOUR ASSIGNED LOT. Monthly parking fees remain suspended until normal rates and payments resume on 7/1/20, unless otherwise modified.

This period of no monthly parking charge continues for June 2020. Your "Next Billing Date" has been extended by another additional month. Customers can log into your Parking Portal account (link), click on left column "subscription" tab and view your current "live' subscription "Next Billing Date". Those who had made an April 2020 payment will see a Next Billing Date of 8/1/20. All others will see a "Next Billing Date" of 7/1/20.

All auto-payments on all monthly customer portal accounts have been deactivated until regular monthly payments resume.



The E 34th Street Parking Garage PERMANENTLY CLOSED on Monday, May 27, 2019, because it is no longer structurally sound.

Although we have provided many updates as to the situation, we know that many people still have questions. We have established this special Parking FAQ webpage that includes answers to the most frequently asked questions by employees who park at Downstate. This includes information about alternative parking, shuttle information, and what to do if you have additional questions.

The Downstate Parking webpage has more specific details (hours, procedures, and payment process) at each parking lot location.   

How do I use and pay for DAILY Parking?

Daily parking at $10/day at the 324 Winthrop St lot continues for the first 100 Daily cusomters, subject to lot capacity. You must be a Downstate ID card holder.

Link to more detail then click on the tab "324 Winthrop St Parking Lot for DAILY and MONTHLY Parkers". Same related info also appears on that same webpage under the  tabs "Front Door Valet at 445 Lenox Rd Hospital Main Entrance" or "Parking Kiosks for Paying".

Note: Daily parking at the 324 Winthrop St lot process and payment method changed effective 8/1/19. The prior sale of daily coupon booklets sold at bookstore ENDED 7/31/19.

How can I pay for MONTHLY parking?

The most convenient method is to add a credit card or bank account ("eCheck") in your Downstate Monthly Parking Customer Portal account (login link) and set it for automatic payments.  Your monthly payment will be automatically deducted on the first day of each month unless you uncheck the automatic deduction box when adding a payment method. If not selecting automatic payments, you can login to your portal account at any time to pay an open invoice online or to change your payment method (card or bank account#). Monthly parkers can also choose to pay their monthly parking payment in cash at the campus Bookstore. Planning continues to offer NYS Payroll employees (biweekly) payroll deduction as a future option to pay for monthly parking.

To Change (Start or Stop/Cancel) your automatic monthly payments, you can send eMail (link). .

Note on eCheck online payments: These are "ACH (Automated Clearing House) banking transactions" that, depending on your bank, can take up to 5 business days to clear (when we actually receive your payment). Thus, even though your bank immediately deducts the payment from your bank account, we do not receive the funds until it clears. Thus, your parking portal account reflects it as an outstanding balance with an ACH transaction in process until funds are received. Also- contact your bank before using this method, since some banks do charge a fee to your account for ACH transactions.

Monthly invoices are posted to your portal account and payment is due on 1st day of each month. Log into your portal account, open the new invoice and click on the "PAY Now" button to add your payment method (credit card or bank account).  Cash only payments will be accepted at the Bookstore.

Payment must be made by 15th day of each month. If unpaid by 15th day, your monthly parking subscription will be cancelled and you will lose your parking seniority and privileges. You will then need to send eMail to to have your name added to the bottom of the monthly parking waiting list.

Do I need to establish an online MONTHLY Parking Account?

All MONTHLY parkers @ 225 Clarkson Ave, 355 Lenox Rd, & 324 Winthrop St parking lots must establish an online Monthly Parking Customer Portal account. This is the only way that your assigned parking sticker and paid status is recognized when your sticker is scanning upon entry at the parking parking lots. The MONTHLY Parking Portal instructions are online at:

Effective 1/1/2020, additional parking locations will be added and new parking assignments will be conducted during December 2019, with new parking assignments starting 1/2/20. See the following FAQ for the process overview.

What will the process be for distributing monthly parking privileges to employees and students?

All employees and students who had monthly parking privileges at a state facility or at 324 Winthrop as of 5/27/19 and were in good standing will be sent a parking preference questionnaire via eMail to your eMail address.

The questionnaire deadline for response is December 2, 2019. The questionnaire will ask whether you want to accept (or NOT accept) monthly parking privileges at the newly negotiated rates and if so, will allow you to rank the parking locations in order of preference.

A parking seniority date – the date on file when an individual’s monthly parking privileges began – will also be included with the questionnaire. The parking seniority date will be used to determine the new parking reassignments. Those who have had monthly parking privileges longer will receive preferred parking assignments prior to those with more current parking seniority dates.

I had a reserved spot at the 34th St (State) garage. Will I have a reserved spot in my reassigned location?

There will be no reserved spots at any of the parking locations. Parking assignments will solely provide parking privileges at the specified location, and remain subject to daily lot capacity.

I am an employee who currently has an ADA parking accommodation. What will my parking location options be?

Employees with monthly parking privileges who currently have ADA parking accommodations will be given priority for parking before the general parking population.

I believe that I need an ADA parking accommodation due to a disability. How do I obtain an ADA parking accommodation?

Contact Nicole Sharpe in Human Resources at x3025 or at

I work the evening/overnight shift and have monthly parking privileges. What will my parking location options be?

Employees working evening/overnight shifts who have monthly parking privileges will be offered the choice to park at either of the following locations: 581 Clarkson Avenue (covered garage) or 600 Albany Avenue (surface lot). These locations are accessed by the key card you receive and your entry/exit will provide your needed time flexibility.

Be sure that you designate one or both of those facility as you first preference selections when you respond to the online parking preference questionnaire by the deadline 12/2/19.

I am an employee who resides at 440 Lenox Road and has monthly parking privileges. Where will I be able to park?

Employees who currently reside at 440 Lenox Road and who currently have monthly parking privileges will be offered the opportunity to park at 600 Albany Avenue.

When will I receive my new parking lot assignment?

You will receive your new parking lot assignment via eMail to your Downstate eMail address in December. The new assignment you receive will become effective 1/1/2020.

What do I need to do after receiving my new parking lot assignment?

If you do not already have a Downstate Monthly Parking Customer Portal account, the e-mail you receive with your new parking lot assignment will include instructions on setting up your portal account ), including establishing your personal login password and acceptance of the parking terms and conditions. Once your parking portal portal account is fully established, you will be able to pay for the first month of parking at the new rates. You will also be directed to pick up your parking decal. All of these steps must be completed before you can start to park in your newly assigned location.

When can I start parking in my newly assigned lot?

If you have accepted the parking terms and conditions, established a parking portal account, paid for the first month of parking and obtained your parking decal, you can begin to park in your newly assigned parking location starting January 1, 2020.

Where do I place the parking sticker on my vehicle?

Parking Sticker placementYour parking sticker is to be permanently affixed on the inside of the rear driver’s side window.

If a vehicle has a no rear drivers side window, or has very dark tinting that obstructs the ability to scan the sticker, it can be placed in an alternate location viewable to attendants. If on a windshield, it must not obstruct the driver's view. If on the back window, be sure it is not placed on any glass heating elements (defroster) wires that obstruct a clear scan of the bar code.  If unsure, ASK a lot attendant for guidance.

A sticker can never be moved and re-applied between different vehicles - it must remain on the vehicle to which it is assigned and registered with at the DMC Parking Office. If/ when you obtain a new replacement vehicle, you need to update your parking portal account vehicle details and obtain a new sticker from the Parking Office.

Your initial sticker is provided at no cost. IF you require a replacement sticker, you will be charged a nominal fee that is charged to your Downstate Monthly Parking Customer Portal Account for your payment.

If assigned to any KCH Parking location also requires you to have a KCH Access Card – your KCH Access Card can be used with any vehicle that is on your parking portal account; can park only one vehicle at any given day/time.

Additional stickers: I have more than one vehicle in my household that I drive to campus. Can I add an additional vehicle to my parking account?

If you have more than one vehicle in your household that you will use frequently, you can add up to a total of 3 vehicles on your parking record by logging into your Monthly Parking Customer Portal Account (link). and clicking on the “My Account Details” edit link (pencil icon to the right of your name). You can then obtain an additional sticker for that vehicle from the Parking Office. You must show the vehicle registration document to receive additional sticker(s).

When you rarely use an alternate,  loaner,  or rental vehicle for a short period of time, an additional sticker is NOT needed. The lot attendants are able to look up your paid subscription by your name and Downstate ID Card # to view alt vehicles on your parking record. You are permitted to park only one vehicle at any given day/time.

A sticker can never be moved and re-applied between different vehicles - it must remain on the vehicle to which it is assigned and registered with at the DMC Parking Office.

I park at KCH lots (581Clarkson Garage or 600 Albany Ave lot). Do I need a separate KCH Access Card?

Yes, Downstate monthly parkers assigned to KCH locations require a separate access card (in addition to the Downstate Parking sticker) to enter/exit these KCH locations. Your initial KCH Access Card is issued only by the Downstate Parking Office. You can NOT share your KCH access card with another individual it must match the Downstate Monthly Parking Customer and vehicle(s) to which it was assigned and issued to. Your KCH Access Card can be used with any vehicle that is on your parking portal account; but can park only one vehicle at any given day/time.

KCH Access Card Replacement: Customer sends Card Replacement Request eMail (link) . Customer can pick up new card at Downstate Parking office. Customer will be billed the card replacement fee on their Parking Portal account for payment.

If and when you STOP your KCH location monthly parking, you must return your KCH Access Card to the Downstate Parking Office 

What happens if I am an employee who is called into work at night, on the weekend or on a holiday and need parking in this instance?

If you are an employee who is “on call” for any period of your work day and you are “called in”to work because of an emergency during the late evenings, overnight and/or weekends or holidays, the Administration has made special arrangements for you to park at 329 Clarkson Avenue. Administration will advise you, at those times, on the protocol to be followed.

I understand that I may be asked to give my car keys to the parking attendants if I have monthly parking. Why is this?

Monthly parkers (all lots) who arrive at their assigned lot when there are no available self-parking spaces available (capacity), the parking attendant may be able to offer the option to leave your car keys (valet style) so that  so that attendants can move your vehicle during the day when blocking other vehicles that need to leave. A no-charge claim check ticket will be issued to you.  This is done to maximize the numbers of cars in the lot/garage until its maximum capacity is reached. 

Will valet parking be available at University Hospital of Brooklyn (445 Lenox Road entrance)?

Yes, valet parking will still be available at this location. As of May 28, 2019, the price will be $20/day.

Will daily parking continue to be available at 324 Winthrop Street?

Yes, subject to lot capacity, the first 100 Downstate ID card holders will receive a Parking Claim Check from the parking attendant upon entry. Parking attendants may direct daily parkers to lots other than 324 Winthrop Street for daily parking.
The Parking Claim Check is important since you need it to access payment options. Customers must pay the daily fee of $10 via smart phone or at one of the two parking kiosks prior to retrieving the vehicle.

Will the campus shuttle make stops at the new parking locations?

Yes, the campus shuttle will make stops at all parking locations and subway transportation hubs.

Can I use my WageWorks (aka Transitchek) account to pay for campus parking?

No, SUNY’s WageWorks benefit (aka "TransitChek") debit cards cannot be used to pay for your Downstate Monthly parking fees. These are a pre-tax payroll deduction program designed only for mass transit commuters that include the need for an associated mass transit commuter parking lot expense. Downstate's parking lots do not qualify under IRS pre-tax regulations.

For example: Pre-tax parking fees can be paid on a WageWorks/ TransitChek account ONLY at locations associated with mass transit commuting and have an associated parking fee at a mass-transit station (Examples-LIRR, MetroNorth, NJ Transit or Path trains) . Downstate's employee parking lots does not qualify; If your try to use your WageWorks or TransitChek debit cards, the payment is typically immediately rejected by the card issuer.

I want to discontinue my parking privileges at Downstate. Whom should I contact?

Send an e-mail correspondence to if you wish to terminate your parking privileges.  In the future, if you decide that you again want monthly parking, you will have to put your name at the bottom of the waitlist for all parking locations - send eMail to

I placed my name on one of the parking wait lists. What does this mean?

If you responded to the parking waitlist survey distributed in April 2019 by saying that you still have interest in obtaining parking, your name will remain on the parking waitlist. The prior separate State Parking lots and 324Winthrop Parking Lot waiting lists are now ONE consolidated Wait List, managed by the Parking Office. When parking becomes available, you will be contacted by the Parking Office.

I am interested in putting my name on the parking waitlist. What is the process for doing this?

Send an e-mail to if you wish to put your name on the parking waitlist.

I will not be on campus for an extended period and will not be utilizing my parking during this time. Do I have to pay for parking for the time that I will be away?

Monthly rates are not pro-rated. Parking is on a month-to-month basis, 1st of the month to the last day of the month. Parker payments MUST remain current and continuous to retain ongoing monthly parking privileges.

Parkers on an extended leave of absence (verified by the applicable Human Resources Office), must notify the Parking Office if the leave will be longer than a month. Parkers will not be required to pay for parking during the time they are away on extended leave. Upon return from an extended leave of absence, parking privileges will be reinstated at the same level of parking (surface or garage) that the parker had prior to going on leave. Reinstatement of parking privileges to the same parking location assigned prior to the leave cannot be guaranteed. All other parkers will have to pay for parking each month in order to maintain their parking privilege even if away from campus.

Can I share my parking privileges with another employee?

No, you cannot share your parking privileges with another employee.

Can I carpool with someone else at Downstate?

At this time, we are working on procedures for carpooling at Downstate. Once the procedure has been established, Administration will send a correspondence to the campus outlining that program.

Is the Zipcar available for use?

Yes, the Zipcar is available for use by the campus community. It is located at the Kings County Hospital Garage, 581 Clarkson Avenue. For more information about the Zipcar please visit:

I ride a bicycle to campus. Where can I keep my bicycle for the day?

Bicycle racks are located at the Student Center, in the 329 Clarkson Avenue garage and at the 450 Clarkson Avenue entrance.

I have a question that was not addressed here. Is there someone I can contact for assistance?

You can send an e-mail to or call x3030 for the Parking Hotline. 

Questionaire FAQ's - conducted in Fall 2019

What if I believe my parking seniority date is incorrect?

You will be able to indicate in the questionnaire that you want to dispute the monthly parking seniority date on file. You can then provide documentation to the Parking Appeals Committee by sending an e-mail to that you believe reflects the date you began parking. The Parking Appeals Committee will respond to you within seven business days (7) days upon receipt of your appeal. If you are unable to show evidence of a different parking seniority date than the one on file, then the one on file will be used.

What if I receive a parking questionnaire but I no longer want monthly parking privileges?

You can indicate that you no longer want monthly parking privileges in the questionnaire. If you choose this option, your name will be removed from the list of those with parking privileges. In the future, if you decide that you again want monthly parking, you will have to put your name at the bottom of the waitlist for all parking locations - send eMail to

What if I do not respond to the parking questionnaire by the deadline?

If you do not respond to the parking questionnaire by the deadline, it will be assumed that you are no longer interested in obtaining monthly parking through Downstate and you will forfeit your parking privileges. Parkers who are on an extended leave of absence will be contacted directly.

Do I need to rank all seven parking locations on the questionnaire?

Yes, you do need to rank all of the seven (7) parking locations.

What if I do not receive my top parking location preference?

In the questionnaire, you will be asked to rank the parking locations. If you do not receive your top parking preference, the information from the questionnaire will be kept on file in the Parking Office. You will be contacted when there is an available spot at your preferred parking location. You MUST accept parking at this time, even if you do not receive your top parking location preference. Otherwise, you will forfeit your monthly parking privileges.

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