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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Parking Information

Daily Parking at 324 Winthrop St. 

 COVID-19 Changes (click to read announcement)- Summary of changes: Normal rates resume 7/1/20.

DAILY Parkers: 324 Winthrop St lot (link) normal rates resume 7/1/20; $10.dayHours: Monday to Fri 5:30am to 10pm 

MONTHLY ParkersUSE YOUR ASSIGNED LOT. Normal rates and payments resume on 7/1/20

Your "Next Billing Date" had been extended during the 'no fee' COVID period. Customers can log into your Parking Portal account (link), click on left column "subscription" tab and view your current "live' subscription "Next Billing Date". Those who had made an April 2020 payment will see a Next Billing Date of 8/1/20. 


324WinthropSt Parking Lot

Hours:  Mon-Fri 5:30am to 10pm

DAILY Parking Rate: Returns to normal rate on 7/1/20 @ $10. per day.

Downstate ID Card required and subject to daily lot capacity.  

Winthrop St entrance: 324 Winthrop St. (between New York Ave and Nostrand Ave.) is open during peak hours 6 to 10am & 2 to 6pm.

Parkside Ave entrance: Directly across the street from 760 Parkside Ave (between New York Ave and Nostrand Ave). On weekday evenings from 5:30am to 10pm.

Upon entry, you will receive a Parking Claim Check ticket from the parking attendant. Your claim check is important - you need it to access payment options online via your smart phone or at one of the two on-campus Parking Kiosks (scroll down for details).



Smartphone payment instructions: Credit Card Payments. The QR bar code on the claim check ticket is used with your smartphone camera.

iPhone cameras (IOS version 11 or above) will auto-recognize the QR bar code on your claim check and open the payment portal where you enter your payment method.

Android phone cameras: Search your App Store and download any "QR BAR CODE READER App". Open that App and your phone’s camera will then recognize the QR bar code on your claim check ticket and will open the payment portal where you enter your payment method.


Kiosks are located at: Credit Card or Cash ($1, $5, $10 and $20 bills only). The QR bar code on the claim check ticket is used to activate the kiosk.

PHAB 450 Clarkson Lobby Alcove (find it).

Hospital 445 Lenox Lobby (find it)

How to use the Kiosk: Watch the video

Please Report any Kiosk Machine problem to 718-270-2900. Most frequent cause of Kiosk outages is pulling out your credit card too early... Please wait for the 'remove card' message to appear on the screen!