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The New York State International Training and Research Program (NYS-ITRP)   is an international training and research program focused on building HIV and infectious diseases research capacity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It is cooperatively administered by the State University of New York,

Downstate Medical Center (SUNY-DMC), and the State University of New York School of Public Health at Albany (SUNY-SPH).  

Building on twenty years of experience in the region, the NYS-ITRP goal is to train the next generation of research scientists to confront the challenges of HIV disease in Former Soviet Union states.

Our current target countries are:

    · Kazakhstan
    · Ukraine
    · Georgia
    · Russia



Training Areas Include:

    - Behavioral Interventions

    - Implementation Science

    - Viral Hepatitis

    - HIV related co-morbidities

    - Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    - Tuberculosis

    The training for each of the applicants will be tailored according to his/her interests within the parameters of the program. It is our aim that each applicant, upon returning to his/her home institution, will create his/her own research program, develop and implement epidemiologic/laboratory studies, spearhead improvements in diagnostics, and/or enhance existing and implement new public health programs focused on HIV prevention and management. Once a fellow returns to his/her home country, he/she is also eligible for advanced research support from the Fogarty International Center and will continue to be supported by the NYS-ITRP program.